Call Heaven – Angels Wait Upon You

Call Heaven – Angels Wait Upon You

A Channeled Angel-Oracle Message 8-18-18

Angels await your call and attend your focused intention. Your free will is supreme so we wait upon you.

This allows the full range of the creative energy which you are to express in infinite possibilities.

However, if asked or called forth all manner of assistance is available to you. Why do you not ask? What do you really want to create? If you do not know, ask for clarity. We can help with even that.

You can ask for inspiration and then allow the answers to manifest.

This is so hard for humanity. You think you know how things need to go. You know so little because the mind has been running along the same tracks over and over—the same ruts.

Allow things to be that you have never thought of before. This is inspiration. This is Angel energy speaking to you and through you. The pattern of true creation is on the leading edge of new ideas.

With practice, you perceive the difference between your limited mind and the prompting of the mind of God. With attention and intention, the subtleties of different vibrations will be felt and understood. Minor adjustments in the tuning will provide major shifts.

Consciousness holds all and will supply the answers to all that you wish to know. As consciousness expands on the planet all matter will be brought into faster vibration and finer light frequencies. This will happen with or without you.

The sorting of the wheat and tares has begun in earnest. Which way will this wind blow you? This is your free will choice. Right or left? Each choice takes you closer to your destiny.

It is easier to go with the flow. Be at ease. If you surrender the fight against the things that you have labeled wrong, life becomes much more joyful. How about it? Why not make it easy on yourself?

Humans always seem to choose the hard way. The challenge intrigues you. You have an inherent knowing that you can do anything. Then you throw up fear and doubt to make the puzzle more complex until you tire of the game.

Learn to laugh at the complications and stumbling blocks that you put in your own way. Spirit laughs and finds your games with yourself entertaining. It is a good thing that you have eternity to play all that you wish. Is it not?

So, drag your feet through the river of cosmic Consciousness flowing in if you wish. Create waves if you choose, but know that the river continues on, and at some point, you will wish to go along with it.

Angels wait to assist you along your path HOME!

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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