Miracles, Freedom, and Timelessness

By Lindsay Godfree | March 12, 2023

In the world of form there are many forces at work. The Earth is reforming the very structures of civilization. Many things are taking shape that are beyond your wildest…


Archangel Zadkiel Transformation

By Lindsay Godfree | February 22, 2022

We the Angels have spoken of the “Cosmic Winds of Change,” that have been blowing through your world. Our beloved Archangel Michael speaks of faith and not fear which also…


Surrender to Love

By Lindsay Godfree | November 7, 2020

How can we heal the earth? Healing the earth is a noble desire. The healing of all is in the awareness of the Divine Consciousness of Love. The frequency of…


Law of Attraction Power: Expand the Fire of the Heart

By Lindsay Godfree | October 4, 2020

Angel Message 09-29-20~~ The wheels of time move on and cycles turn. What appears is the out-picturing of Consciousness. Individual and collective thought patterns converge and expand, interact and disperse,…


War or Peace Emotion Runs Deep

By Lindsay Godfree | January 17, 2020

When emotions run high there is war even while many pray emotionally for peace.  Emotionalism is a necessary part of being human. The emotions anchor experiences in the records of…


Life’s Crazy Ups and Downs – Hang on for the Ride

By Lindsay Godfree | November 18, 2019

Angel-Oracle Message received 11-07-19 That which is possible within the field of infinite possibilities is so beyond imagination that you need to move the linear mind out of the way…


Everything is NOW in the Timelessness of Infinite Grace

By Lindsay Godfree | September 23, 2019

You cannot know fully of the next level of consciousness until you arrive there. Only through feeling into it—only as others point to it, do you even know of its…


Grounding Yourself for Awakening

By Lindsay Godfree | July 25, 2019

Many of us on the front lines of the evolutionary expansion called ascension or awakening, are being grounded much deeper into our physical bodies. As our authentic Self becomes awakened…


Awaken – It’s Game Over

By Lindsay Godfree | December 14, 2018

An Angel-Oracle Message ~~ The old habit of looking outside one’s Self for soothing and answers is strong. Whatever is uncomfortable inside, throws you under the bus again and again,…


Angels Lift Me Up

By Lindsay Godfree | December 1, 2018

A Channeled Dictation by Lindsay Godfree as the Angel Oracle The emotional body will be cleared by the light. All the friction and unrest that you are feeling has only…