Channeling FAQs

Which angel do you communicate with the most?

I would say I hear from Archangel Gabriel the most. He is the Archangel of communication and sponsors writers. He is the personification of the energy of purity and the bringer of clarity to our visions and gifts. Here is a message from Archangel Gabriel, “I AM In Love with the Divine,” where you can feel his/her energy frequency

Why angels? Why not animals?

Angels are my specialty and my comfort zone. Some people have the gift to communicate with animals. I do love animal spirits and totems and get intuitive messages from them but not channeling.

When did you start channeling?

I started receiving channeled information from my guides and Angels in 2018.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is tuning into information frequencies from beings in other dimensions and translating them as clearly as possible into current ideas, language, and/or symbols. Channeling is taking dictation, downloading, or transcribing communication from what I sometimes perceive as packets of information.

How did you learn to channel messages from Angels?

I was in a class where the teacher invited us to try using several different methods of accessing psychic gifts—such as seeing or perceiving. or if we just knew things about other people. We tried picking up an object and noticing if we knew things about the person that it belonged to. When we tried automatic writing, I sat quietly with my pen to a blank paper waiting for a message, then a powerful voice spoke immediately. I felt that it was an angelic being. I had to write very fast to keep up with the dictation that I was getting. The tone and words were not anything that could have possibly written on my own. I have been receiving messages ever since then. Every time I sit down, empty my mind, and tune in, they have information for me to write.

What qualities should we look for in a channeler?

Look for a channeler who receives messages clearly, with love, and a pure heart. You want information that is unpolluted with the individuals own opinions or biases. You want one that doesn’t have an agenda or an ax to grind, so that the information is as accurate as possible. Always use your own intuition and discernment to assess that truth of what you are being told.

Do you ever do live channeling sessions? Why? Why not?

Currently, I write down the channeled messages I get and email them as a PDF file with an audio recording. Currently is not part of my soul contract to allow the beings to speak through me using my vocal cords. The full message is not in the words, but it is an energy transmission that is embedded and encoded in the energetic spaces within the message. Also, when live there are more distractions and interference, so I don’t do live channeling sessions.

Can you teach me to channel?

Everyone is already a channel of the energies of Spirit. How these messages show up for YOU will be unique to you and your personal guides. I can teach you practices for quieting your mind. I can encourage you to listen to your intuition and I can help you practice. I can also coach you in listening to spirit and being sensitive to the answers.