The Consciousness Guide

Help from Angel Guides

By Lindsay Godfree | June 8, 2024

At this time of transition and transformation, the archangel whose name stands for “Whom God Helps,” Azreal does appear to inspire help and helpfulness. When you ask for help from…


Unconditional Love Awakening

By Lindsay Godfree | May 27, 2024

As the representatives of the realms of love and all noble aspirations, we of the angelic would love to bring the resonance and harmony of this love to you. But…


Radical Love for You

By Lindsay Godfree | May 16, 2024

Angels love you with a radical appreciation for who you are and what you are accomplishing in expanding your conscious experience of life on Earth. When tuning into your guides…


Duck Spirit Animal Message

By Lindsay Godfree | May 11, 2024

Ducks arrived to deliver a personal spirit animal message to me and to show how answers arrive from Spirit in different ways, like animal totems. What would you think if…


Download Angel Frequency

By Lindsay Godfree | May 11, 2024

The energy of angelic presence is just a breath away. It is a matter of quieting the mind and centering in your heart, reaching toward the soul-star and light above…


Angel Number 55

By Lindsay Godfree | May 3, 2024

The angel meaning of the number 55 represents a period of transformation, adaptability, and embracing the flow of life. It encourages you to trust your spiritual journey and be open…


Angels Are Real

By Lindsay Godfree | April 28, 2024

You are never alone; we, the angels, are truly always with you and at your beck and call. This is a difficult concept for many who may not be familiar…


Angels Awaken Freedom

By Lindsay Godfree | April 24, 2024

The heavens are open. Who will dare to look and see what is available for the upliftment of men? We speak today of the teachings that make it taboo to…


Archangel Consciousness

By Lindsay Godfree | April 21, 2024

The unified field of consciousness is full of vibrational information and an energetic outpouring of the grace of All-That-Is. It is like a basket of fruit or a tree bough…


Power of Love

By Lindsay Godfree | April 15, 2024

Heaven and Earth unite to support a new age for Earth/Gaia. Earth is in her ascension process, meaning that she is accelerating to her proper place in the Universe as…


Cosmic Energy Alignment

By Lindsay Godfree | April 7, 2024

The energetics of the earth are changing for you and all beings who are present at this time. You are on earth to be a part of the unique experiences…


Angels Healing Care

By Lindsay Godfree | March 30, 2024

I AM here as the light of the heart, now shining in the darkness of being. We are the healing of the holes you feel as uncomfortable empty spaces. Spaces…