FREE GIFTS - 3 Archangel Meditations and Energy Transmissions

1111 Release Fear Meditation from Archangel Michael

Download to:

  • Release resistance to change
  • Call in your personal Angels
  • Daily support of Archangel Michael
  • Use the power of the 1111 portal to surround you every time you use this meditation

Seal the Earth with Light

A powerful angelic meditation where the Earth is sealed in a grid of electrical light energy by Archangel Uriel.

His name means the Light of God or God’s light and he brings in the power of knowledge and wisdom.

This meditation is now ready for download!

It is so awe-inspiring and amazing what the Angels have to say and all in perfect timing.

This message came through as I asked the Angels if they had anything that they wanted to say on Christmas day.

Little did I know that Archangel Gabriel would show up with this amazing activation of Christ Consciousness.

You can call in this energy anytime you wish by listening to this message again and again.