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  • depressed and discouraged with what you’re experiencing in your life?
  • feeling an emptiness inside or a void that yearns to be filled?
  • ready to express your higher purpose and create a life full of Divine direction?
  • awakened but confused...yet filled with a desire for change?

I understand how you feel. I’ve experienced a similar longing for change, and a desire to step beyond the pain and create a life of joy and clarity. My journey of conscious awakening and transformation is the inspiration for this work. Let me be your guide.

Uncover the beauty and magical expression of being YOU, the manifestation of love and light in a human body.

Begin your journey of transformation.

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Higher Consciousness: What Is It and Why We Want to Know

My understanding of and interest in what Higher Consciousness was, took on a whole new meaning when I had a huge shift into a new expanded state of it.I wrote about this experience and that journey in my book, “Awakening Consciousness—Finding a Larger Version of Self.” During my awakening experience I was overcome with great…

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Follow the Love — The Way Is Easy and The Burden Is Light

Since the world as you know it, is the play of energy fields and your interpretation and out-picturing of that energy—you only need to change your interpretation or perception to have a different experience. When you hold onto the interpretation that all things serve and support you for your highest good, nothing can harm you.…

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Emotions Run Deep for War and/or Peace

06-05-19 An Angel-Oracle Message When emotions run high there is war even while many pray emotionally for peace. Emotionalism is a necessary part of being human. The emotions anchor experiences in the records of mind and body. Find peace within. You cannot be at war within your own emotions and have peace on earth. As…

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