This is my story of transformation.

I was so depressed that I could hardly face another day. I was dragging myself through life. When finally I was so exhausted by the pain, I became willing to surrender and listen to the Source within. This was the first step of my journey to become a larger version of myself. I documented this journey in my book, "Awakening Consciousness -Finding a Larger Version of Self."



Angry with God and with life, I went to my knees after having it out with the Creator and practicing radical forgiveness. I felt stuck, needing to forgive all that was holding me back before I could move forward and fully embrace my future.

That day was the beginning of my transformation. I learned about gratitude practice and meditation. I discovered intuition and learned to trust and follow breadcrumbs each day. These tools brought me to my conscious awakening. (Soon to be a Course to Consciously Awaken)

Your soul knows the way forward.

Everyone is different, with a unique path to the peace they seek. Your path is programmed into your DNA and can be found where science meets esoteric energy. I share tools and insights for transformation. My mission is to hold space for you in finding the answers you seek to move forward. Along the way, you'll encounter unexpected magic too.

As I let my intuition guide me I was activated as a channel for Angel Messages. They are guiding us to find joy in life and experience 'imagineering" the life that is most fulfilling for us. While there are many messages I wrote about balancing the 4-lower bodies of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual--these days I defer to the guidance of Angels, Archangels and other beings of Light. (Get your personal Angel Message from the menu above)

Begin the unfolding story of personal divine direction. It leads to a True Self that is more open, compassionate, and complete than you could possibly imagine.
Let's connect together in Oneness!

Why are you waiting? Live Life Consciously Now!