Archangel Zadkiel Transformation

By Lindsay Godfree | February 22, 2022

We the Angels have spoken of the “Cosmic Winds of Change,” that have been blowing through your world. Our beloved Archangel Michael speaks of faith and not fear which also…


Awaken Self Sovereignty

By Lindsay Godfree | January 21, 2022

In every moment Angelic light frequencies coalesce to create physical matter and all manner of beingness in the dimensions of time and space. Yet, it is not necessary that you…


Awakening Consciousness

By Lindsay Godfree | January 3, 2022

Oh beloved souls of Earth, you are in a place of profound awakening on this planet and in your consciousness—for what is within is without and what is above also…


Holiday Angel Blessings

By Lindsay Godfree | December 19, 2021

We of the angelic light are here to bestow many blessings upon you. You may be busy setting up your traditional holiday decorations. We hope that they remind you of…


Light of the World

By Lindsay Godfree | December 7, 2021

I AM the light of the world. What does this mean to you? This is not just a mantra for any one person. It is the mantra for all of…


Time for Joy

By Lindsay Godfree | November 7, 2021

Angel-Oracle Message on 11-02-21~~ Our first message: Make time for you—for the joy of it. Life is joyful. The codes and energetic vibrations that come forth in every form, pattern,…


Your Unconquerable Awakening Soul

By Lindsay Godfree | June 26, 2021

The hosts of angelic light are pressing in, awaiting the connection with the embodied light being that you are—to anchor the higher frequencies on the earth. The more that is…


Big Realizations About Duality and Free Will Choice

By Lindsay Godfree | June 17, 2020

How are you doing? I found the polarity and duality that is happening in the world today upsetting. We are being shaken and stirred to the core. Many times this…


Shake Off Your Chains the Specters of Fear

By Lindsay Godfree | June 14, 2020

Fear has been pressing in on the group consciousness for transmutation. The Angels came in with a powerful message of light and love in this Angel-Oracle Message 06-05-2020~~. Feel the…


Be Blessed by Cosmic Winds of Change

By Lindsay Godfree | June 3, 2020

Change is here! Major world changes have been predicted for a long time. Although we have expected it, we did not know exactly when or how. We are now navigating…