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Every day brings its own opportunity and synchronistic messages from Source energy.

Every day brings its own opportunity and synchronistic messages from Source energy.

Angel Oracle - Lindsay Godfree

What do you know about Channeling and Automatic Writing?

Until recently, I really hadn’t given these ideas much thought. I knew that many people do channeling, such as Esther Hicks/Abraham and Neil Donald Walsch in his Conversations with God. I did not think it applied to me. Life is such an adventure though and channeling applies to all of us.

Some of the important things to remember about channeling:

  • Some people are very clear channels, and some are not.
  • There are all kinds of vibrational information that we have access to if we know how to tune into the frequency of it.
  • All the information that we receive goes through the filters of each person’s perceptions and bias towards those thoughts and informational bits.
  • We must use discernment in choosing to what to believe about what is transmitted in channeling.
  • The source of all information is available to everyone.
  • The goal is to cultivate your own ability to connect to God, Divine Consciousness, Akashic Records, Source, Universe, Higher Self or whatever you wish to call the essence of All That IS.

Automatic Writing is one way to channel information. As a writer, this really appeals to me and I have developed a relationship with Angelic energy frequencies to flow through me onto the blank paper. This is accomplished by emptying the mind and moving the ego aside.

I would love to share some of what I receive if it is relevant for you or of benefit to you. I follow several people who receive Angel Messages and I love the packets of inspiration and especially the immense love that Source has for each of us.

Here is a sample of one of the channeling transmissions that I received 5/10/18

You ask why repeat again what others are already saying? It seems that so many have the same message.

We ask, “Is not the choir a beautiful noise?” The more that sing the same resonant song, the more the heart swells with the sound. Just add your voice to the already beautiful refrain that is emerging. There is room for all to sing and to sing well.

Whatever you say is with your own unique vibration and truly there is none like you. Each soul is original and needed as part of the whole. Don’t think you can just standby and watch while all of heaven and Angels sing the rebirth of the coming Christ Consciousness.

Give it up. Break into smiles of joyous celebration. Love has already won! Sing the halleluiah in your own being, your own expression of Divinity. Let your light shine!

There is room for all at the feasting table. Encourage others to speak their good works, their love, their appreciation.

There is no time like the present to take up the torch of the new day. The new evolution of humanity based on love and Unity Consciousness.

Help and support others as you are able. Every day brings its own opportunity and synchronistic messages from Source energy, breathing in and out life itself. It is a geometric kaleidoscope of patterns that twist and turn with conjunctions everywhere. There are infinite possibilities in the mind of God Consciousness.

Take advantage of each changing pattern and design. Each has a unique beauty the may never come again. Appreciate—appreciate. Feel the fullness of Life and Love! Be complete in this day.


If this type of inner message speaks to you and if you would like to receive Divine encouragement as it is revealed, please reach out to me today. I would love to channel a message for you.