Inspiration. Encouragement. Awakening.

You can live a life filled with joy and meaning. Lindsay shares her own journey of awakening and provides inspiration to help you explore the possibilities in your own life in this special collection of books.

Written by Lindsay

Awakening Consciousness: Finding a Larger Version of Self

Shifting from a deep depression to a spiritual awakening experience and seeing Divinity everywhere is not something that anyone expects or that someone sets off to accomplish. But that is what happened to Lindsay as she tried everything she could think of to feel better. Lindsay’s message to those who are awakening is powerful - you are not alone.




365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments that Changed Everything

We all have experiences that alter the course of our lives and change who we are forever. Sometimes these moments fill us with rapture. Other times, they are blessings in disguise that don’t reveal their treasure until years later. No matter how they show up, these moments inspire us to live richer, deeper, and more authentic lives.



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