Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Consciousness

By Lindsay Godfree | April 21, 2024

The unified field of consciousness is full of vibrational information and an energetic outpouring of the grace of All-That-Is. It is like a basket of fruit or a tree bough…


Archangels and Twin Flames

By Lindsay Godfree | February 18, 2024

Do you wonder just who the angels and Archangels are? What do they do? I thought it would be helpful to make a post about the archangels and answer questions…


Angel Love Meditation

By Lindsay Godfree | February 4, 2024

What is love? You ask, and we of the angelic realm answer. We say that love is who you are. You were created out of the love of God/Source/Universe. It…


Feminine Masculine Balance

By Lindsay Godfree | April 3, 2023

The balance of the masculine and the feminine aspects of the self are the burning desire of the Soulful Self. This coming into wholeness is a longing that has been…


A Message of Hope – Archangel Chamuel

By Lindsay Godfree | April 1, 2020

I Archangel Chamuel, bring a message of hope and love from your heavenly home. This sacred garden is always with you and only seems to be above you in a…