Angel Message of Grace

By Lindsay Godfree | March 26, 2023

Be true to your authentic creativity. Your creativity is your expression of the life force that is breathed through you. When you smother the creative forces that wish to run…


Gateway Portal of Light

By Lindsay Godfree | September 4, 2022

The density of planet Earth and its people is not enough to keep out the angelic frequencies that we hold—especially in this time of awakening. We are here for you…


Archangel Hope on Peace

By Lindsay Godfree | May 24, 2022

In the spaces between every atom, in the quiet knowing of all creation, is the peace where you will return again and again. This peace is always there at the…


Angelic Blessing of Potential Purpose

By Lindsay Godfree | March 2, 2022

What is most significant about the energies of this NOW moment is that it is full of potential. It is pregnant with all of the possibilities that you can imagine.…


Archangel Michael Power

By Lindsay Godfree | February 15, 2022

Centered in the light is where you want to stay. Love-light is the vibration of the highest conceivable manifestation of Source creation that you can imagine, and yet it is…


Grace Heals Pain

By Lindsay Godfree | November 21, 2021

Receiving grace is the answer to the unspoken prayer of all life. Grace is the manifest blessing of God/Source/Universe that is the healing mercy of the love/light of the Universal…


Archangels Whales and Dolphins Heal

By Lindsay Godfree | November 21, 2021

The frequencies of the earth are changing at a deep primal level. These patterns that hold all of life on earth are shifting in many ways that are immeasurable and…


Life Purpose and Practice

By Lindsay Godfree | November 9, 2021

Prioritizing your life is done on a spiritual level according to your life plan and soul purpose. Those plans and purposes are stored within your energetic design at creation. Your…


Angels of Light Blessing

By Lindsay Godfree | September 30, 2021

The Angels of Light have much to say as the darkness is revealed. There is a backup of the information that is waiting to be received by you—by humanity. So,…


Contact Your Guardian Angel

By Lindsay Godfree | May 15, 2021

Everyone has a guardian angel.  There is an angel lady named Lorna Burne* who sees guardian angels all the time. Lorna says that everyone has a guardian angel that stays…