The Guide

Angel Message of Grace

By Lindsay Godfree | March 26, 2023

Be true to your authentic creativity. Your creativity is your expression of the life force that is breathed through you. When you smother the creative forces that wish to run…


Miracles, Freedom, and Timelessness

By Lindsay Godfree | March 12, 2023

In the world of form there are many forces at work. The Earth is reforming the very structures of civilization. Many things are taking shape that are beyond your wildest…


Angels of Health and Strength

By Lindsay Godfree | March 6, 2023

The light of the Higher Self flows in as angelic frequencies when they are called upon for help. This energy download is available to all who will quiet the mind…


Archangel Gabriel on Superpowers

By Lindsay Godfree | January 26, 2023

I AM come to you this day to bring you more clarity to your visions of future oneness, joy, and purpose. You know that it is a journey of following…


Angels of Love

By Lindsay Godfree | January 16, 2023

The angelic host do wish to help you in daily life. We hold for you the higher truth that all is love—no matter what the distortions of life may look…


Angels of Comfort

By Lindsay Godfree | January 8, 2023

The opening of the gates of heaven is a depiction of the availability of the frequencies and energy of higher states of Consciousness. There is much excitement about portals opening…


New Year 2023 Transformation

By Lindsay Godfree | December 31, 2022

Today, the Angels and the Council of Light have questions for you. What would life have you do today? What would you choose if you could do anything at all?…


Christmas Angel’s Gifts

By Lindsay Godfree | December 16, 2022

“Joy to the World, the Lord has come.” It is the season to be joyful and to let in the Christ Consciousness into the very cells of your body. We…


Evolution of the Heart

By Lindsay Godfree | December 6, 2022

When life is disrupted and you cannot settle your energy, it may be because you have a message that wants to come through from spirit and you are not listening.…


Gratitude: Wholeness Blessing

By Lindsay Godfree | November 29, 2022

Great gratitude and appreciation is a vibrational frequency that is akin to the love vibrations. These energies are deeply felt sensations are not just concepts of the mind. Gratitude is…