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Freedom to Fly: The Phoenix of Your Own Liberation

Message 5-06-2020~~

The Angels are ever near. You need never fear that the connection is broken. You only need to silence the mind to connect to us—to connect to your Source.

As you now know, it is all you as Source/Love/Energy– that is All-That-Is.

This assurance should allow you to walk consciously as the creator that you are. Those forces that you fear as darkness are only the parts that have not been illuminated by the light. Just shine the light. You only need to play shadow-boxing games if you choose to do so.

If you are feeling beaten down, you can rise from the ashes as the phoenix bird.*

The contrast of your life experience in form is the playground of the senses—it is unlike anything anywhere. Revel in the sensory input that makes up the days of your lives. The sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch of the elements of air, fire, water and earth—these are your building blocks— “Lego toys” so to speak. What energetic patterns can be made in every now moment?

Like Neo in the movie “The Matrix,” when you accept and realize that nothing in this world can harm you—you are free. Free to walk about and watch things unfold. Metaphorically, you can pluck the speeding bullets coming toward you, right out of the air if you wish.

What do you wish to experience? More Angel magic? That sounds fun!

Set your intention and focus on what you want to feel—how you want to be in the world. What do you want to experience in the now moment in front of you? Stay present with the feelings and see what comes to you.

That is all. It’s simple. You do not need to be drawn into the drama that is not part of your personal experience. Yes, it is “real”—in that it exists in the matrix of possibilities.

There are a number of possible outcomes. There are infinite aspects—but only a few probable outcomes given your current momentums. Which one do you choose? You may always choose again.

(Laughing) You love to make the puzzle complex and creative with lots of twists and plot turns to keep you enthralled in the games of life. But do not forget again that you are the game maker—the game changer and for that matter, the game pieces and the game board.

Can you be content to just BE?



Gather yourself together body-mind-spirit. Integrate your energy with coherence. Study the sciences of heart and mind coherence. Keep connecting the parts of your physical being with the feelings, the energetic codes.

You can and ARE doing this process of evolution called ascension. But it’s more fun to do it consciously—to watch it, feel it, and experience physically the thrills and chills.

You want to get those goosebumps— “angel-bumps” of acknowledgement that let you know you are receiving. You are the receiver, the tower, the lightning rod of Consciousness. If you ground the energy in the physical—in the earth—you can receive more, becoming luminous.

Does that sound fun?… to be luminous? Or picture yourself as a lightning bug of divine direction on a journey. Choose this day what “color” of light you are as an attribute of God/Spirit/Universe. Shine your light.

Displaying your uniqueness is the game that you came to earth to play–playing in the experiment of free-will choice.

You came with a full card deck of possibilities—infinite possibilities. Which cards do you now hold in your hand today? Which ones do you want to play? How does that move enhance the game?

We encourage you to incorporate more laughter in your life. Choose more joy, more fun, more love. These are yours if you intentionally choose and we, your guides and angels, do serve you in your quest for the highest good.

The highest good, being the awakening to the remembrance of your power and taking your power back. Take it all back from the way it has been scattered, misused and disbursed through the ages.



Now is the great coming together—the gathering of the light bearers—the gathering of IS-Real.

Gather yourself—gather your thoughts, your scattered attention and emotional energy to yourself. Breathe it through the central-core of your being.

We are but a breath away. Your victory in every moment is in your ability to hold yourself centered and grounded with presence and power. Practice this deep breathing of the breath of life and the infusion of its energy.

Do you feel it?

Are you stoking up the fire within? Can you see yourself spreading your expansive wings of red, yellow and orange flames that burn with light and power?

Now rise as the phoenix of your own liberation—your own ascension in the light—and FLY!

And so it is


Your Angel Guides

*The phoenix bird is a creature from Greek mythology, a long-lived bird that magically regenerates and is then born again. It is said that a phoenix obtains a new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some legends say it dies in a show of flames and combustion, others indicate that it simply dies and decomposes before being born again. Most accounts agree that it lived for 500 years before rebirth.

The Angels often use pictures and symbols to convey their messages. Whatever their language, it seems to come to me as “packets” of energy that get translated. It seems to come in with associations linking to whatever references that they can find in my memory banks to get the message across to me. This image made me feel powerful and joyful. I hope this message gave you the same feeling.

Love and blessings,


  1. Lorrie on May 26, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    I love the idea of being a luminous lightning bug shining my light uniquely and at the same time a lightning rod gathering and grounding energy. It is pure love and joy!

    • Lindsay Godfree on June 3, 2020 at 9:20 am

      Me too! I love the visualizations that the angels show me. It makes me smile and feel happy! Thank you for the comment!


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