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Your Life is Your Unique Creation

Ask, “What does my soul want me to know today?” 

I gave myself this assignment and I asked the Angels. Basically, I was pondering what move to make next in my life and asking, what shall I do? I am feeling stuck in indecision.

The answer: Paint Life as Your Unique Creation

~~Angel-Oracle Message 02-09-21~Life is a painting of many colors, patterns, textures and shapes. You can blend them as you will, to see the pictures on the screen of life that you desire. You can use your mind to create or you can let your gut feeling move you.

You can mix and match any way you want to—just be creative.

Your life is your canvas and your own creation. Take charge, make your choices and then move—paint the painting.

Waiting for the brushes to make it or the colors to arrive on the blank page is not going to work.

You can paint over, you can start a new page or canvas, you can begin again in another medium but you cannot create if you do not have movement.

The energy around you is moving in a chaotic way and you feel a little dizzy for sure, but you can still take brush strokes—and you do of course.

Don’t be discouraged that your painting of life is not perfect. It is just a painting of the now moment and then another now moment.

Time is not running out for you. Although the energy of these times are not supporting many of the familiar institutions of your past, the future is fast approaching. You will be ready for it when it arrives.

Keep breathing—keep creating as you are able.

Just make it fun and make it pretty—make it expressive and authentically you. Whatever your desire is at the moment will be fine.

Take a deep breath! It will all be fine.

Make a rainbow of light and love if you wish to. Just make your own creation and let others make whatever painting they want to—in whatever school room they are choosing this day.

There are other choices tomorrow and all will shift again.

Just get on the merry-go-round of life experience and enjoy the ride.

Today is another day and another choice, and another. Be happy in it.

And so it is,

Your Guides and Angels

(As usual I feel better and have clarity.  I have heard the statement that “the GPS won’t work if the car is not in motion.” It is a phenomenon that also works in life. Start moving is the message.)


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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