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You are Enough and Even MORE

Yukon Alaska Midnight Sun by Lindsay Godfree

Greetings in love and light. PEACE be with you.

Although you think you are separated from us and a long time away, you are not, for we are present with you at all times.

Yes, it does feel better to be closer and more intimately in communication with us.

Be good to yourself. We, your angel guides, are not some dessert that must be rationed.  A daily dose might be just the “medicine” you need. We are here to help and to provide support. It is not weakness to tune in and make it easy on yourself. Accept the truth that we are not separate and it is just a matter of wholeness.

You do not need to do anything special or be more “holy” than you already are—for you are MADE of light and love. The density of earth does not “soil” you as your religions have indicated.

The light you are and bring to the planet earth is a play on the aspects of light and dark, male and female, yin and yang, and is the point of experiencing embodiment here. Duality is not who you are and it would serve you to release the judgement you have about what is good and bad. Your mind is addicted to labeling things that are different. Do not listen to it.

Have more fun with the variety of your experience. Be ever more aware of the ebb and flow and allow others to play their roles in your story in any way that they are showing up. Just watch and learn.

Of course we want more love, light, joy and peace for the earth as a whole and we bring those vibrations to you to enjoy and resonate with.

When you fully accept the wholeness of everything and the holiness of life everywhere, you will have more peace.

The beings of earth are ready for the next level of consciousness and you are a bringer of that. You cannot help but be that light for love/light IS YOU. Be happy about this and for all you have accomplished through the ages toward this end—earths ascension.

Eternal life means never-ending, always expanding in new ways of the “All-That-Is” knowing itself. Becoming consciously aware of this process and of the facets of what is possible is the delight. The possibilities are endless.

Look at what is possible for you and wright that script with miraculous twists and turns. It will unfold in reality to delight, amaze and fulfill your creative desires.

Have No fear—for the construct of being afraid that life is unsafe is being released. There is nothing that can harm you in any real sense. All experience is valid and useful. Why not make it joyful as well? See the goodness of Source and your power to create.

Hope Lake – Yukon, Canada by Lindsay Godfree

All is well-

Whatever you can dream becomes real.

Be blessed with the vision to see the beauty of the unfolding of the changing of cycles—the chords of the symphony—of life playing out. Go with the flow.

In love we bow to you and honor the goodness of your soul and desires.

You are enough & MORE

And so it is–

Angel-Oracle Message from 7-12-20 You are Enough and MORE

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