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Energy Codes Facilitator

Lindsay Godfree & Dr. Sue MorterBig News! A new milestone!

I am now officially a Certified Facilitator for The Energy Codes® by Dr. Sue Morter. You can find me listed on her website as hailing from Arizona.

I have been studying the Energy Codes® with Dr. Sue Morter since November 2015 when I heard her speak at a workshop at the “Celebrate Your Life” event in Phoenix.

This meeting changed my life. It answered my burning question of how to function in the world and still embody the new energetic being that I know myself to be as awakening consciousness.

Dr. Sue talked about how everything is energy, how we can embody source energy and be that Soulful Self we truly are. She explained that everything that feels wrong to us about our lives is just a matter of incomplete “circuitry.” We have misunderstood our experiences and what the resulting energetic information is telling us.

I have learned a whole new way of looking at life and can’t wait to share this information with you as an awakening mentor!

Since we are bioenergetic beings, with electro-magnetic energy fields, we need to connect mind, body and spirit in order to be able to process ALL of our life experiences.

If we use intention, breath and movement, there is nothing that we cannot heal in our lives. This teaching bridges science and spirituality together to provide an understanding that awakens our consciousness.

I am all about awakening consciousness.

After experiencing a multi-dimensional awakening of my own in March of 2015, I looked diligently for someone who could help me make sense of my para-normal shift. I opened into an amazing heart expansion that allowed me to feel only love. After that, I became obsessed with finding out how to have more of that euphoria.

I want more of the feelings of fearlessness, connection to all of cosmos, and seeing all of life through the eyes of love. Through this awakening, I knew at the core of my being, that this expanded knowingness was the reality of my larger Soulful Self and the truth of my being. The truth of all of our existence.

Since then I have taken all the levels of training Dr. Sue offers. I have completed Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and 4.5 and next is training as a Master Trainer.

In March 2019, I successfully completed the coursework through the Morter Institute for BioEnergetics to be a Certified Facilitator of her work.

Lindsay Godfree

Explained in her book, “The Energy Codes® – The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal, Your Body, and Live Your Best Life.” there are exercises and practices that assist in the awakening process. I am so excited to have the vocabulary to explain to you that you DO have the power to heal and transform yourself. I would love to help you to cut through all the pain of living in a world that doesn’t make sense anymore. If you want the benefit of years of study and training in practices to expand and hold more of the essence of Source energy, this teaching is for you.

As a facilitator I now offer the transformational teachings of The Energy Codes® in the following ways:

  • “Find Your Creative Wisdom” 2-Hour presentation that begins with the basics.
  • “Embody Your Greatness,” a 4-hr presentation that covers many concepts, central channel breathing, the mPower Step, the mind blowing “Bus Stop” plus exercise, and an overview of the Codes.
  • “The Energy Codes – Change Your Life by Changing Your Energy” full-day presentation, includes all the information in the 4-hr presentation and an explanation of the 7-Energy Codes, plus Body Awake Yoga.
  • “The Energy Codes Book Study” is designed as a 12-Chapter group discussion meeting weekly or monthly. I present examples, we exchange stories, and there are thoughtful questions regarding how we are applying.


Consciously Awakening Acceleration Course

The teachings that I have learned in my training with Dr. Sue have been absorbed into my own expansive journey. I developed and teach my Lindsay Godfreeown 7 Step Consciously Awakening Acceleration Course that evolved from my personal experience and story. I have written about it as it happened in my first book, “Awakening Consciousness – Finding a Larger Version of Self” published in January of 2017.

As Dr. Sue likes to say, “There is only One of us here.”

While we each have a message, a story and a hero’s journey that we live through, there is only one story being told. It is the story of our awakening from duality and remembering that we are Oneness. This affords everyone the joy and bliss of coming together in Unity Consciousness. Give me your hand and we will walk together for a time.