What is the Real True Story Behind the Global Covide-19 Virus?

The “real” story about what is going on with the Covide-19 Virus is complicated. It depends on what you believe and what viewpoint you want to take.

There are many stories and different versions of truth.

We have to use common sense and intuition—wisdom and heart, to come to an understanding. Nobody is going to come forward to explain it so that the average person can feel at peace with it. We sit in the not knowing.

I personally acknowledge many different viewpoints and “truths” regarding what is happening. I believe in infinite possibilities and timelines.

Ultimately we want to get away from the need for mentally creating “story” and work with everything as energy. We aspire to not being ruled by the “monkey” mind.

But I love the spiritual side of this story. I enjoy choosing the one that I like and what I want to focus on. After all—-I AM a writer.

If you want a really interesting overview of possibilities about what is true and real—I suggest a video from Magenta Pixie. It ties together many ideas into a comprehensive explanation that will blow your mind.

I liked her spiritual take on the pandemic so much that I wanted to share it with you. I am paraphrasing some of her words and ideas here. Go to her website for more

Truth Be Told

The truth for me is that this is a time that is about growth and spiritual expansion. It is the big awakening to the realization that things are not what we though they were.

What is happening is in alignment with our collective astrology. Enter the Age of Aquarius. It is an opportunity to use our sovereignty to step into more freedom.

We are experiencing an acceleration of the healing of earth and the Great Awakening that has been talked about by the ancients and in the scriptures for centuries.

We have actually been able to create what is being called the “Paradise Ascension Timeline.” This will manifest it in the physical plain if we are able to come together in love.

Our golden age has already been created on the 5th dimensional, spiritual, etheric level where there is no time. But we also want to see and experience it in our lives here. We are learning to trust goodness and light to help us create this new reality.

With the social distancing and the shutdown, we have the blessing of time to process change. Because of the slowing down of the business on the earth, many of us have had time to find our true selves. We have time to think and to center.

Our lives are disrupted so that we can focus on what is important to us. Many people are having a big shake-up at the core of their being. This facilitates awakening where we question what is REAL.

With new understanding we can then choose our reality with mindfulness, focus and intention. Use this time wisely.

While we understand that there is polarity going on between the darkness and the light–we choose NOT to step into the paradigm of war, fighting or battle. This is not the reality we want to experience.

In the spiritual community we prefer to operate in unity and non-duality. We have the understanding that we do not need to engage in this contrast. All is Oneness.

We also choose to hold onto the vision of Unity Consciousness that is already in a 5th dimensional vibration and has the environment of the talked about Golden Age.

The energy codes and golden age matrix patterns are also written within us. There is no need for worry or fear.

About the Corona Virus

In regard to the virus; happiness and higher energy vibration raises the immune system and draws down the template for healing dis-ease. This may potentially eliminate any unwanted interference with our health in the future.

This template is made using sacred geometry, codes, and the energy of Bliss.

An antidote for the virus is also accomplished through sound—not one that we hear, but rather a bodily tone that is the essence of this Bliss.

This is about taking bliss into the heart, allowing it to come out the higher heart—circle around the body and into our energy field (11th chakra) and back in, through the body. One can envision and resonate with this.

You can tap into bliss with practices such as yoga, yoga nidra, high powered crystals, or hypnosis. It involves the golden mean and fibonacci sequence.

We can also find this essence of bliss in the foods we eat such as: raw fruits and vegetables, and especially coconuts and mushrooms.

There is a global community Law of Attraction at work when we unite to do this work together.

We can meet each other in a “Secret Garden” community. It is a higher dimensional place where we meet through telepathy. No matter what is going on in the physical, let us meet together with other lightworkers, starseeds, and ascended beings of light in this blissful place.

Begin by noticing bliss as the tingle of energy within that flows through you. Tune into that feeling.

It is not complicated. In fact, you can simply call it in by sitting comfortably and asking with intention to be taken to that place while in meditation or in your sleep state.

And if that is too much, then do acts of kindness for others and use your talents to make a difference.

Through bliss practices we unite and cannot be stopped. When we do this high vibrational bliss work we are creating the most powerful magic that you can possibly imagine.

It will call in the leadership needed to facilitate the physical changes to manifest the New Age Matrix on a global level.

If humanity will move away from fear, it is possible for the old matrix to fall this year. The spring equinox on March 19th was a reset—a shift from one reality to another. We are in that reset.

At the same time, we continue to ask for justice to be done regarding those who are involved in criminal activities, especially those who are in seats of power in the world. There must be accountability for those who are without integrity.

Remember, you were born for this time! You’ve got this.

And through it all “Live Life Consciously”

Note: Do not get too hung-up on the vocabulary and use of all the terms and words here that you may not be familiar with. There are many in this article. This article is a melding of many ideas and sources.

Rather listen for the intention of the words and a message that resonates for you. If it does not resonate, please disregard it. Or leave a comment or question below and I will try to explain or write a follow-up article. Thanks!

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  1. Lorrie on March 31, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    Love your articles and intention to raise consciousness. Blessings to you!


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