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Try Try Again

What should I do with my life?

You come to us with a burning question–what to do next to have the life you want? This is really not our forte for we of the angelic operate in the nonphysical. This physical rollercoaster experience is what you have “paid the big bucks” for. (angelic laughter)

You came here for the opportunity to master the game of life. Your mission is to figure out how the puzzle pieces fit—to make whatever choices that you wish in assembling them. Try and try again, it is actually an ever expanding design.

This is what it means to be human, to work with the density of matter within the hologram matrix of Earths evolution. You came to play this exciting game and upgrade it to a multidimensional level.

This is not a bad thing. It is the greatest adventure and opportunity.

The Opportunity to Experiment

Earth is the experiment, and the contrast of life is the biggest opportunity in Consciousness. Try to see it as such and play. Have fun with it!

You get to run the gamut of life up and down the elevator of experience and get off on each floor of the building if you want. You can even run up and down the halls. Don’t you just love that imagery? It sounds a little fun even if you have to do it screaming and waving your arms as you go. This vision at least makes you laugh. LOL

If you can just choose which level of beingness you want to play on and not get distracted by where others are playing, you will find your niche. Your place of fun and joy does not have to look like anyone else’s life.

Your life doesn’t need to be seen or understood by anyone else to be your best life.

In fact, your choices are totally your own and uniquely you and is the way that it is designed. You are happiest and in alignment when you do YOU. We have spoken of this before.

And this is your point of frustration, “the rub” as you might say, is figuring out what this looks like to you. So keep working with it. You are doing fine. You are working the puzzle pieces and you will figure it out.

Consider that Bigger is Better

We will say that bigger is better. You have discovered that “playing small” as they call it, is not comfortable and oh so boring. It becomes more and more uncomfortable to try to maintain the status quo.

This truth makes you turn toward the uncomfortable process of stepping into your bigness and getting bold with it. Even if you do not have the partners that you want in this quest. Even if you do not currently have the resources that you might wish for. You are drawn toward the vision quest on the leading edge of creation.

Call in those individuals and light beings that will offer you aid—they are only parts of yourself that you have not identified and embraced. Bring them closer to you. Call in everything that you need. It will come. Get in the feeling place of it and vision it into being.

We have told you that you are supported and not alone and you know you are part of a collective that is ascending. You are needed in the grand design. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Believe In Yourself

What you dream will come to pass. You have been told of the victory, and of the abundance. You have been given the images of your “ship coming in.” This has been in the cards for you for many years now and we know that your frustration is great. You ask why it has not already happened. Create your own answer—you are that powerful.

Perhaps if you did more of the heavy lifting of those things that are uncomfortable you would move faster. Perhaps if you turned over more rocks you will find that diamond that you are looking for. Perhaps it has been a matter of timing and the time is now. What about that? What if you go with that?

Keep up the good work that you are doing, no matter how slow it appears to be. Time is not running out. Everything happens in perfect timing and there are many moving parts in this multidimensional puzzle game.

Make Your Next Move

In the meantime, do your due diligence and get those things done that will keep your life rolling along. You will be happier with the movement and the energy of the press forward. This we promise you.

The choice is yours and we would not rob you of any of the experiences that you have through your choices. We always encourage you along your journey. Everything appears as a magical happy accident when it comes together in synchronicity.

Your life opportunity is one to be cherished and lived. Continue to be present with it. There are no “shoulds” in the mind of God Consciousness—because all is valid and experientially valuable.

Choose and move to the next square on the board game. Hop, skip, jump! Then move the stone and hopscotch back if you wish.

Take a Chance

You are tired of your own non-action. Then make a move and move on. This is our advice.

We of the heavenly guides and Angels are not going to tell you specifically what to do. You asked and we answer but specific direction is not what is needed for you at this time. You move into the unknown.

Just rely on your own intuition and feelings of joy and fun—follow where that leads. Follow the glimmer, the twinkle of light that you see—you know that is what you are going to do anyway.

This is your best option. Expand your circle of friends and community as much as you are able. The road will become clearer.

There is no judgement in any of this. Do, or don’t do, but accept that everything is your own choice.

The Yoda of Star Wars Movies fame is known to have said, “There is no try,” but we maintain that there are infinite possibilities and somethings that you try will not fit—but somethings will. You don’t know until you try.

Be assured that you will find which puzzle pieces fit. This trial and error is your way of discovering the subtle differences and nuances of your creative energy.

We say follow the fun, give yourself grace, put on a happy face. Trust the process. This all sounds cliché but never the less, that is all we have to say on this topic today.

And so it is,

The Angels

105 Try Again Quotes

  1. “Let yourself fail and try again.”

  2. “Instead of giving up, try again.”

  3. “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

  4. “F.A.I.L.: First Attempt In Learning.”

  5. “I know you can do it if you just try again.”

  6. “If I fall, I rise back up. If I fail, I try again.”

  7. “The sun will rise again and I will try again.”                                                                           



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