Paris, France - Place de la Concorde with the Egyptian Obelisk of Luxor


Visualize the shape of an obelisk. This tall spire of stone piercing the air symbolizes power—the power that is connecting heaven and earth.

As you visualize this obelisk—it is becoming a quartz crystal filled with brilliant white light. You notice that there is a sliding door at the base of the crystal.

See yourself entering the base of the Obelisk—see yourself going through the doorway as if going into an elevator.

Imagine that the shaft of that elevator is anchored deep, deep, down underground into the earth’s energetic core.

Breathe deeply—inhale and fill your heart center with radiant, loving light. It is a white light and yet it is shimmering opalescent, containing all the colors of the rainbow spectrum.

This white light then permeates your whole body as you continue to breathe—and you begin to glow—you glow brighter and brighter.

As you glow brighter and brighter—the space around you fills this obelisk shaped elevator shaft.

As you breathe, your consciousness expands and you grow to fill the obelisk quartz crystal that is now a sparkling spire reaching into the heavens—full of opalescent, swirling energy.

At the top of this pillar where your head is now stationed there is a pyramid of clarity—where, like a lighthouse, it is faceted with many glass windows.

You may begin to see a double pyramid like a spinning merkaba—a faceted globe forms around your head and begins to spin in the top of the tower.

Your lighthouse is capable of sending beams of energy in any direction—or in all directions at once, whenever you choose to illuminate the landscape around you.

You are conscious of YOURSELF as a POWER TOWER.

As this light being, you illuminate the spaces within and without—piercing through dark clouds of fear and regret. With this energy you are able to transmute the fog and mist of chaos and confusion into clarity and manifestation.

Affirmation Mantra:

In your mind and heart repeat this mantra,

“I am a being of Divine Light! My loving essence animates this pillar of power. From this place I choose to amplify my unique vibration of _________________________. (Fill in the blank with an attribute you wish to emulate such as love, peace, prosperity, freedom, etc.)

I choose to embody this quality of my Soulful Self.  I shine it forth to others with love and gratitude. It is reflected back to me now and appears as part of my multi-dimensional experience in my life now.

I AM loving gratitude in action. It is So.

I AM loving gratitude in action. It is So.

I AM loving gratitude in action. It is So.”

As you open your eyes, maintain a sense of knowing and rest in the satisfaction that your work has been done.

Well done!

by-Suzanne Anderson for Manifesting with Sacred Geometry, Sound Vibration and Light Frequency

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  1. Lo on October 29, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    This is a great meditation!


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