To Move Mountains Go Quantum

The love of the heart, beats with the desire to move mountains—to heal the sick—to express itself in the world of form.

This creative urge is the God/Source within you. It is ever expanding, always at work with the expression of the ONE that is you.

The Universe—the multiverse is so vast—beyond the comprehension of the mind. That is why you must open yourself, your heart-wisdom centers, your intuition to the vast unknown around you. The creative force seeks expression and life is evolving even changing the very DNA of humanity.

The changes are gradual but do show up as moments where the infinite will pop out—pop through the veil of forgetfulness that you have cloaked yourself with.

You are here to perform in the originality of the specific identity and spark that is your own individualized signature. This signature is alive as series of experiences, emotions and information that is the expansive individuation of the whole of Consciousness.

As you know in your understanding, time is not, because all is in the NOW of timeless eternity.

In this third dimension all is linear but is speeding up and causing stress in the body. Do your best to care for the physical body. You do not fully understand the stresses of the process of the evolution you face.

You must understand that you need your rest—healthy food and loving thoughts to hold yourself together literally. Just be easy about your life experience. Be present with what is happening right now and let the future take care of itself. Your habits of pushing the river of time and your efforts to control outcomes cause stress to your systems.

This stress is not unlike what you see in the movies where a “starship” is asked to function at warp-speed when in mechanical failure. It appears to vibrate itself to pieces. Do you get the picture? If you wish to keep your human-form vehicle—don’t push so hard. There is a natural progression of life that flows and will carry you.

Have faith little one, the timing of everything is perfect and life is perfect as it is. You know this…I am but reminding you. Just do your best to stay in the flow, alright?

The great awakening, as some call it is happening. You are all doing so well in traversing the densities that remain for clearing, assimilating, understanding and transmuting. Your soul and your body know what to do, they offer support for your inner knowing.

You may find that we repeat often the same message over and over. We keep reminding you of what you already know for remembrance is necessary.

The Universal Mind is opened for you now. All information is at your disposal with the focus and intention and desire for it. Ask = Given this is the Universal Law. You only need to have clarity with your asking—be single minded with your area of passionate purpose.

What tune is yours to sing? In what style, key, and what genre of expression will you give your voice to? You have the gift of free will about what you choose to create in each moment, so let it be bold and beautiful. Let it be a masterpiece and let others create their own canvas and use their paints as they wish. Let others discover the creation of their own their own thoughts and beliefs—and trust that all is well.

Things are not what they seem. You cannot assume that you know how the drama plays out anymore; for there are many plot twists and turns, underlying themes, and magical endings. All propels this magnificent story of life forward unfolding in all if its expressions.

Enjoy all the beauty of what you see—continue to open to it. You will find what you seek. By looking you create quantum, and quantum expands as science is now showing. Experience and see the creative pieces of what the human imagination is creating on the leading edge.

Go quantum and multi-dimensional in your thinking to allow for the best and most creative outcomes. There are magic, mystical, and wonderful times ahead.

Hold your vision of perfection no matter what it looks like in the world around you. Remember that the material world can only show you what has already happened, in the etheric plane. It is old news in the energetic blueprint. The new reality is what you make of life’s energy today.

What is that line from the movie Terminator? “The future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.” There is a truth to this.

Make the best version of your tomorrows in the now moment—each now moment within you. The “without” will take care of itself.

That is all.

(Note: This is a channeled message is from 12-26-2019, It is not the usual “Angelic” kind that I am used to. This one has a different vibration. As always use discernment in all that you read and hear, If this message resonates with you that is great…if not just disregard it.)

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  1. Lorrie Hutchinson on March 11, 2020 at 10:08 am

    Wow! Beautiful, encouraging and loving! I feel bathed in light.


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