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There is No Lack – Nothing Needs to Be Accomplished

An Angel-Oracle Message 2-11-19

Joyful living is at your doorstep. This joy is, as you have been told, the natural state of your being. So, it is not something you have to accomplish. Put that thought out of your mind.

Live in the timeless now—anchor in the Mother Earth. Appreciate and bless all life and joy is added unto you—IS YOU.

Explore the world around you with a newness. With immersion in the water of emotion that flows through you but does not get stuck or find resistance. Flow feels good. Allow it all to feel good.

Each day is a blessing. Face the morning sun anew with anticipation of the dawning of the perfection unfolding again and again.

The action of your tube-taurus energy vortex churns up the life essence anew—plowing the field of your life to prepare for crops of metaphorical flowers ready to bloom into manifestation.

As you see the creative joy in others, you see it in yourself, for all are connected as One and not separate at all. The love you feel is also joy, comfort, compassion, kindness. Separation does not serve you anymore—no duality. Feel into that and breathe that love and joy into you.

There is no lack. Nothing is missing. Nothing is lost. All you need is present within you. Take THAT! Take it into your understanding, your emotions, and into your body.

Leave the stress of that old energy of incompleteness and strife behind.

It is not needed now.

And so it is-

(I think this angel message came in as an answer to my inner stress. I was experiencing unsettled feelings that something was wrong and wishing that I was feeling more joy in my life.

It is just a simple angelic message to comfort and remind us that we really do have everything that we need. What we need is provided by spirit every single day. We just have to open the door to it. Everything is happening as it should.

The Angles are blessing us with more joy and love, all we have to do is ask. They send so much love, comfort and peace with their messages.)

My Answer: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Angels for your blessing and encouragement!

I accept your blessing of lifting the stress and feeling of incompleteness behind as old energy, like old worn out clothing that is dropping away.

I will greet the new day with anticipation for the blessings that it holds.



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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