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The Nature of Time: A Gift of an Angelic Star of Light

Angel Message 1-10-21 ~~ This message is an experiential anchoring of light/love from the Angelic.

You ask for a message from us for this day. It begins this way: The elements and elementals of the natural world wish to support you today and every day.

You do well to notice the shifts in the energy and the messages of animal spirits who appear to “speak” to you. And often we wish you to spend more time in nature to commune with Source energy or the Great Spirit.

Today, we speak of the natural cycles, another aspect of time, and the movement of the seasons to delineate time.

Although in the last message we spoke of the phenomenon of time moving more quickly—because of is in relationship to the many changes and vibrational shifts that are moving faster.

Today we want to invoke the natural cycles that point to relaxing into the frequency and rhythms of the earth-Gaia to slow yourself down.

These seasons of the earthly life cycles experienced daily, monthly, and quarterly; in sync with the moon, and sun. They can be felt in weather changes, plants growing, maturing, and seasonally dying.

These cycles offer you the opportunity to be more cognizant of the subtle atmosphere of sunshine (fire), air, water, and earth. They offer you changes in energy patterns that are perceivable to your multidimensional self.

Take a deep breath and settle into the energy that you feel around you. What do you feel about you and around you today? Go deep within–into the spaces between your thoughts and between the cells of your body. Breathe deeply.

This is your assignment today and every day. We invite you to check in with the felt energy from your multidimensional perception and tell us what you perceive.

(My friends, try this for yourself and feel into the atmosphere and energetics around you. Take a walk outside for more information if you need to and see what the natural world has to say to you.

On this date, I feel an excitement in the air for what is to come. I feel amazingly energized—more than I have for a long time. I have the urge to take a walk and to breath the crisp air outside. I do take a walk to commune with nature in the sun and listen to the birds—I watch a cactus wren carry a large piece of grass to her nest. I feel calmer and return to my angels and guides.)

There is always a message for you. Your daily experience is pregnant with it. Will you choose to receive it? Quiet the mind and listen—feel into the cosmic message that is being transmitted to all who will tune in. Yes, it is one of hope and love—and more. What color is it?

(I perceive it as a little pink, which I associate with love. I also feel green which is associated with the heart chakra and healing. I feel new growth and expansion. This is exciting!)

Although there is all manner of disconcerting happenings to be found everywhere on the planet, notice that they are not happening for you in this NOW moment.

Focus on your felt energy and memorize the feeling of the warm sunshine that you felt on your skin and the birds singing happily. Collect the feelings you wish to feel in your energy field, to be returned to you whenever you want to feel that again at will.

(Take a moment to collect the feelings that YOU find in your now moment or you may use my walk and energy feelings. Breath in those feelings from Spirit and anchor them within now.)

You recall the song, “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day?” (If not you will find it below.)*

Today we send you a falling star—the energy of the cosmos to put in your pocket.

We invite all who read this message to receive a golden ball of light that we send in the sacred geometry of a star. It is for you to tuck into the pocket of your heart space. This light will illuminate, heal and comfort you as you wish. Just touch the memory of this gift we give to you to feel it’s radiance again.


Remember this star in your heart and the memory of the feeling of warm sun on your skin and of birds singing with delight. This is a tool that you can use whenever you choose to recall “the day the Angels gave you a star.”

Savor it as a symbol that is colored with the light of YOUR special gift from the elements of earth and the light of the stars. This treasure is forever contained in the secret chamber of your heart.

Be happy and complete in this moment of NOW. We love you!

And so it is,

Your Angels

I am so grateful for this beautiful gift. My mind wants to do research and play with this image of the star. I want to find out how many arms it has and what other symbolic meanings I can find from this message. I cannot do it; my heart says stay. The Angels say, “Peace be still.” So, I will stay in meditation in my heart space.

With Love and Blessings,


*Song Lyrics – Catch a Falling Star

Catch a falling star an’ put it in your pocket,
Never let it fade away!
Catch a falling star an’ put it in your pocket,
Save it for a rainy day!

The Rainbow Collections – Catch a Falling Star



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