Huge Success of My First Book

The Huge Success of My First Book

How do YOU measure success? Spirit has shown me that everything is spiritual and perfect just as it is. From that perspective all experience successful. In the arena of spiritual practice one often measures success by the amount of help you give others throughout your life. I wondered about my chosen path as a writer, just how many people I would needed to reach or help before I could consider myself successful? If one person’s life is enriched by what I say and do is that success? Is it 13 people? Or is it measured in dollars and cents? Like most things in life the meaning is what we choose to give it. What do I choose?

By publishing my book Awakening Consciousness – Finding a Larger Version of Self,” my intention was to open the conversation around spiritual experiences. To demonstrate that it is safe to share those inner realizations that are sometimes so hard to reveal to others, that could be so beneficial for us hear. Often, we don’t have the vocabulary to put words around them. These experiences are so precious and words usually pale in really expressing how we have been touched by an epiphany of some kind. Yet, they may shine more brightly if we are able to share them with others. (This book will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Balboa Press, March 2017.) Be sure to sign up for my News Letter to get special offers and notification of the launching of this book!

I was explaining my book and my intention to a dear friend who is agnostic. I thought I would never have a spiritual discussion with him so this conversation was in itself amazing to me. In the past I would have had no idea how to even approach this subject of the mystical experience with someone not God centered. It sometimes felt in the past that no one could or would understand the things that are closest to my heart.

My friend asked me to explain my experience to him and I was glad to have the practice explaining my book and his interest. Every time I explain it, I have the opportunity to re-live that wonderful experience. It takes me to that memory and triggers again the feeling of fearlessness, the sense of the perfection of life that I felt at the time. I can again visualize the movement of life energy that I perceived in the trees, the grass, and indeed the very air that surrounded me. The presence of Divinity everywhere, in everyone, and in everything filled me up to overflowing.

I published a short account of my experience in the Amazon best selling book series, “365 Life Shifts – Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything.” You can get your own copy of 365 life changing stories including mine. Order it NOW from Amazon by clicking right here.

In the conversation with my friend, I was rewarded with his offer to tell me what his spiritual experiences were like. I was surprised that he even could identify such a thing, and delighted that we should share stories on this level. I tried to make it easier by explaining that I was open minded about the many paths and ways that people come to a deep epiphany even if it involved a mind-altering substance like marijuana, even though I had never tried it myself.

I was touched with this simple story. He explained that he went into the wilderness to fish and to hunt bear—and he laughed at how he pictured himself doing this audacious thing of being the bear hunter. He said he climbed to the top of a hill that overlooked a beautiful calm mountain lake. As he sat having his joint of marijuana, he saw a hawk flying. This hawk took a dive toward the lake and swooped back to the sky with a fish in its talons. He said it was truly a spiritual experience.

As I retold this story to my family and reiterated the intention in my writing of the book I had a major revelation that brought tears to my eyes. I realized that even though my book had not even cleared the publishing process, I was already a success. I had experienced a heart to heart spiritual connection with my friend while sharing tales of the moments that had touched us deeply. I never thought that I would have this type of deep and meaningful communication with friends who aren’t particularly interested in the spiritual side of things. For me this is huge!

I am so into my spiritual life and so serious about the meaning of everything feeling that I thought that I was just too different to be able to speak to someone else about the things that are of the greatest import to me. I did not really understand how to access the stories of others that are really touching to them. Now I have a vehicle to begin this energy exchange through my book.

As tears streamed down my face, I told my family “my book is already a success!” I have accomplished something so meaningful—a way to communicate heart to heart with people I really care about. Individuals who experience life in such a different way than the way that I do. It is priceless! Please feel free to share with me your spiritual experience. What connection have you made with Source?

How to know if you are successful? First, define what your intension is for what you are doing. You could say that just being aware of the intent is significant just by itself. Be conscious of what your desire and motivation is. Then you can notice whether you are on-target when you see the results of your actions. It requires honestly with oneself, it takes consciousness. This is success!

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    Feeling so happy on reading it really nice book


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