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The Conscious Age of Aquarius

The Aquarian Age is ruled by the energies of innovation, community awareness, expansion energy and even more information. What does that look like? What can we expect and look forward to in this new energy?

We will surely experience a new inner technology of consciousness. We can look forward to the mental mind changing its sensitivity, its basic frequency and its function. In the consciousness of Aquarius, our lifestyle will be shifting its sense of time, space, relatedness, and relevancy.

In the Aquarian Age we can look forward to complete availability of information where there are no secrets! Finding information is not central any longer because it is readily available, so our new societal engine will be built in love and gratitude. Evolution is expanding with the help of innovators like those at the HeartMath Institute and Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief.

New Way of Being

In this New Age the motto will most likely read, “Be to be.” We humans are already amazing beings, by the grace of the Creator. We believe that this will be a time when we will finally accept our wholeness and our connectedness to each other in larger creative ways.

In the meantime, as we transition into full Aquarianism, we are experiencing a time of chaos, uncertainty and unpredictability. What is clear to everyone is the sense of vast changes coming in society, consciousness, and of our perceptions of the world and each other.

We can look forward to ongoing change and learning that is continuous and life-long. We will learn to maintain mental, emotional, and physical flexibility while in the sign of the water bearer. This is when we learn how to gracefully ride the waves of that change.

New Stage of Evolution

We are shifting into a stage of evolution where intellect will not be enough—so we need a new relationship to intuition, emotion, and instinct. Informational knowledge can actually hold us back. We need to tap into deep wisdom and learn how to live in a different multi-dimensional way.

Many of us are starting to become aware of subtle shifts in our abilities, our psychic sensitivities, our empathy and understanding of others. We are tuning into a greater sense of “knowing.” This knowing is a higher sense that comes from the Higher Universal Mind—the Quantum Field.

Science is showing us that we are being bathed in waves of photonic light that is creating what is called, the inevitable “ascension.” Quantum physics helps us to know that all this is based on energy, frequency, and cosmology.

Our sense of personal identity and its foundation is shifting beneath us. Complexity is increasing while we learn to deal with it by flowing more loosely in our lives and not holding onto the past. We need more love and unity, as we simultaneously reject our past fear and tremendous insecurity.

There are many dimensions to the radical shift of this Age in Aquarius. It is an age of paradox. We will be both more global and yet more individualized. We will live with fewer boundaries while also including more political separations.

New Frontiers of Identity

Increasing Aquarian energies will push us beyond all the old frontiers of identity—including ideas of home, neighborhood, country, and old values and ideas. Our previous touchstones for forming an identity will fail and we will likely have an identity crisis, or two that causes us to reinvent ourselves.

Strong Aquarius energy will be around us for the next 23 years, so the sooner we can adjust the easier things will be. Everything is moving faster too, so we will also need a new relationship with time as a flexible dimension–the fourth dimension.

For now, we can keep focusing on the light, both inside the body and outside in the world. This light is an energetic frequency that needs circuitry to flow.

How do we hold more light in our bodies?  Do things you love, experience more joy, feel more appreciation and gratitude. These feelings expand our capacity to process our experiences.

We can ask our angels and guides to help with this. Higher dimensional light beings can send us an infusion of light and of healing energy. We can add momentum to our consciousness upgrade or we can delay the changes in our human evolution with resistance.

Our destination into higher dimensions is assured as we take the next evolutionary step into extra sensory powers and more ways to experience love.

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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