The Angels Solution to All Your Problems

Channeled Angel Oracle Message 12-5-18 through Lindsay Godfree

The best solutions to the problems you face daily are found in a different vibration than where those problems originated. You simply need a format change to see it.

You have heard what Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

The question that arises to ask the angels, “How do I get to a different level of thinking?” First, you must take your attention off the problem and release yourself from that stuck energy.

The heavenly host says to you, “Shift your attention to a place of gratitude, joy, happiness, love, etc.—then you can look again. The solution is right there. The solution is already connected to the situation energetically in the multiverse and can be easily accessed. It is so easy with an understanding of vibration, energy resonance and your free will choice to become the master of your own frequency.”

Once you familiarize yourself with the frequency of more enjoyable feelings—just go there. Practice this so you can direct the light of God through you into the physical.

The solutions magically appear as if written in invisible ink, right in front of you. The answer to your “hopeless situation” manifests easily. You will ask yourself, why did I not see this before? Of course, it works. It is only following a principle of quantum physics that seems magical in the 3D world where you have sat immobilized for too long.

Practice your “magic tricks”—the sleight of hand—make it a fun game. There are opportunities that you call problems, that arise in your life daily to help you. Soon, you are a “master of the alchemy of spirit and matter.” You appear as the creator of energetic transformation wherever you go. Do not let it scare you because it is beyond your current experience but realize that the Master Jesus has given you many examples of this type of transmutation for a reason.

Jesus will tutor you when you ask. Ask him to elevate your frequency of love to the level needed for the receiving the energy that he embodied. This will allow him to deliver teachings directly to you. Ask him what to do today to be more like him.

You can ask for Jesus, Buddha, Elijah, Angels, the Universe or any and all beings of light to work with you. We DO love you. We DO wish to assist you—but we cannot until your channel is open for receiving the transmission. Do you understand?

Open your mind with belief in what is possible. Don’t you profess to believe that everything is possible for the Lord of All? Will you allow it to be true for YOU—in your life? Allow it!

If need be, practice forgiveness for your childlike misunderstandings. Forgive all that holds you back. The blocks that stand in your way are not evil but rather require a shift in understanding and frequency to move beyond them. Release your old habits of blame and shame. Release the story of why—why it is the way it is.

The old energies do not serve your higher purpose or your destiny. Ideas that you have allowed to be laid upon you long ago, you have shouldered as a burden to carry forever more. The time has come for the great awakening. Shake yourself all over like a horse when the saddle has been removed after a long trail ride. Shake yourself like a dog after a bath or a swim in the river.

One of the beautiful colored mosaics on the external wall of the Serbian-Orthodox Church in the center of Trieste.

Archangel Michael now draws his sword of light to cut you free and declares. “Stand up now. (please stand) Shake up the cell memory in your body. Shake each part of you with movements you have never made before. This creates a new pattern within and without. Shiver and shake your physical body with the intention of waking up the molecules of the cells. Shake off the dust of decay and ancestral superstitions that have been encrusted around you. Reveal and awaken the light within!”

Are you shaking it up? Put on belly dancing music if you need to—but do it! Release, uncover and reveal the answers, the solvent, the solutions for everything that you want now. Everything you need is within you.

Practice makes perfect.

And so it is–

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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