The Abundance of God and Money

The Abundance of God and Money

I asked the Angels, “What do you have to say to me about Money today?”

Here is what they said: 9-12-19 Angel-Oracle Message

The abundance of God is all around you. The world you live in has infinite variations of the theme of love in form. Everything is created of the golden essence of life—love.

Appreciate all that you see around you. Love those things that you have in your daily life. If you do not love it—move it out of your force-field.

Yes, the declutter… Remove anything not of love. Only love—only love…

Joy in the life you live. Enjoy the now moment! Give no care for the “morrow,” as the scriptures say. For you are cared for beyond anything you can understand—beyond your wildest dreams.

There is more love coming to you. Let it in! Loving YOUR life experience will bring to you your money.

Money is a difficult subject–for many it holds the vibration of so much lack. The pattern of lack is in your consciousness. It is only a pattern and it’s only a simple matter of changing that pattern—the shape.  (laughter)

Yes—it’s alchemy. Just change the geometry—the shape.

How you ask? The how is with the great solvent. The Universal solvent of the heart. The heart’s action of love is always the answer to any lack.

Put your attention on it and love it. Change how it feels in your heart and flow that through the solar plexus and ground it into the earth. And love the earth—the physical body of all abundance.

This will yield to you—as it does the crops of the field—as it does the rain and all physical things.

Yes, that’s the idea, rain money down upon yourself. See it in your imagining—in your inner vision. See yourself dancing and laughing in the rain of this money coming down.

You can feel the joy of the flow as if it is a warm summer rain. It is overwhelming in the emotional satisfaction of it. The touch of it fluttering like angel wings upon your skin. It piles around you and covers the ground where you stand. More and more it comes…

Now breathe deeply!

You haven’t ever allowed this rich fullness feeling have you? Well, there is the key, the switch, the combination if you will…memorize this frequency!

You think we know nothing of the physical manifestation of money. But everything is energy. It’s just a matter of changing it. Like changing the color of the clothes that you wear.

Change your “outfit” around money now. Every time you change your clothes—clothe yourself in the money you desire. Love this! Teach yourself the feel of prosperity.

Your life is as you dream it. Dream BIG! You are the creator!

You are the great LOVE manifested!

Deny it NOT—nor deny yourself!

We have spoken!

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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