Story: Choose Higher Consciousness in Daily Life

Story: Choose Higher Consciousness in Daily Life

You are the experiment. The goal is to walk daily in the higher Consciousness. I am testing the new me attained during my spiritual awakening.

I want to see how awakening translates to real life in this 3D world. I want to cultivate it and be able to embody and demonstrate my new Self.

How does one bring consciousness to everything?

Recently, I had a chance to see how I would handle frustration, disappointment and low energy vibrations for an extended period. I believe that things happen for a reason and that every day of life and every experience is full of meaning. This experience was a test on many levels.

Here is what happened

My iPhone was rendered inoperable when the car charger exploded in a fireball. My reaction? I was calm, grateful that no fire was started, and thankful that I was not burned in the process.

I discovered to my embarrassment, just how addicted I am to the phone when I kept reaching for it. I really missed my phone!

Then I went to Walmart for a replacement.

Over a four-hour period two “expert” sales people each tried to sell me a phone and could not get them to work. I noticed that I was not really bothered but just patiently waited for my problem to be solved.

The lady helping me was also very persistent and patient while calling over and over anyone who might help. But to no avail. I was able to hold the energy balance for her so she never got upset.

I left without a phone.

I oddly calm, thinking “it is what it is.” Once during the process, I noticed that I was physically able to stand there and not feel really sick and dizzy from the energy in Walmart. That in itself is a miracle.

Walmart is the place that has always been the hardest for many sensitive people to maintain their personal vibration and not leave feeling totally drained. It used to take hours for me to recover from an insertion into shopping with lots of people. I was OK—amazing.

Plus, I was able to remain “in my body” the whole time and not freak out or cry or space out. Crying would have been my go-to in the past for this kind of frustration and feelings of powerlessness. I would have been overwhelmed. And yet, I was OK. Something has definitely changed in me.

At several times I did some yoga stretching to keep my legs from locking up and did breathing with the intention of transmuting whatever had been the energy behind what I was now experiencing.

I was tempted to make up a story about why it happened but decided that it didn’t really matter, I just wanted it over.

I listened to a YouTube video from Dr. Sue Morter that explains why you don’t want to make up a story.

After this particular episode, I am giving myself top grades for passing this test—whatever it was. LOL

I even sincerely thanked the people who spent so much time trying to help me.

What happens for you in difficult situations in your life, what comes up in your consciousness? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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