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Stand in Wonder and Awe of God’s Creation and its Design

An Angel-Oracle message 3-16-19 ~~

The wheels of cycles turn, and the vortex of change is upon you. Allow the voices of the ancient wisdom into your knowingness.

All is recorded in the akashic, spiritual record and it is available to you. What has been hidden is now open to you.

As your energy and perception changes to the larger picture, the patterns and answers come with clarity. Clarity will allow the flow of words and energy—of strength and purpose.

Doubt not the ability of the unseen world and the wave of the ascension and expansion to carry you along. No effort is required—just flow.

Flow in the love. It is the life within and all around. Delight in daily movement and all that is present for you. What you have perceived in the past is not a part of the future.

The future has a life and momentum that the whole of cosmos is involved in.

You are but a cog in the wheel—an important cog—but only a part of the design, of the complex design. It is like the most beautiful intricate grandfather clock of sacred geometry patterns that you can ever imagine.

Yes, stand in wonder and awe at the creation and the design of God’s* creations. Feel the joy of being witness to the grandeur and the turning of the pieces.

As the movements tick through the triggers of the next synchronistic event and the next—the domino effect is in play.

Make your next moves with inspiration and Divine direction. Repair any of the parts that call to you for healing. You cannot do more than play your part in the design, and that part is laid out in front of you daily. Just be patient as it unfolds.

There is perfect timing in the mechanisms of this time piece of life cycles unfolding. It is not up to you to force change through the cog wheels any faster. You see? All patterns and pieces are at play already.

Be available. Be in joy and awe.

Be in celebration of

the great coming into alignment of the pieces—

the wheels within wheels in motion that allow for the next trigger—

the next ball to drop and roll—

the next piece to lock in and pull the whole of the working parts forward–

toward the next event and the big finale.

Be happy! All is well.

All is as planned for the greatest good of all and is in perfect order always.

And so it is.

The Angels


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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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