Soul Consciousness is in Charge – Body, Mind and Spirit

Angel Oracle Message 10-04-19

God within you speaks to you through feelings, codes, and subtle energy that you will learn to interpret. This energy is the true essence of YOU.

Although this way of being is unfamiliar to you and you hesitate to trust it. Know that the information contained is being read and downloaded into the cells of your body.

The cells are happy. Tune into their happiness as new neuropathways open and communication and love are transmitted into the body temple.

The wonderful thing about the body is that it knows what to do with this information. See how much it does without the mind: breath, digestion, and all kinds of chemical and hormonal production.

The communication of body and soul consciousness is ongoing. It does not need the direction of the mind. The mind has been limited in order to allow consciousness to manage all the magical and scientific processes that this generator of life provides for you.

Instruct the mind to search out fuel for the fire of your being. This is a worthy and important role. Ask it to find the BEST water, food, exercise, energy, experiences, love and joy that all go into the mix.

Keep the mind busy with these things and allow the intuition of your inner wisdom located in the gut to guide you.

Let all be saturated and lubricated with the universal solvent of Love. Yes, grease all your parts and pieces with the essential oil of Love. That IS what we said.

Life is meant to be easy. Be easy about all of it. Your soulful self knows the way to go.

Doing is not the answer. Go within and go deeper for guidance now.

All is well. You are on the right path. You are guided, blessed, held and safe. No fear beloved.

Only Love

And so it is–

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  1. Suzanne Anderson on November 6, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    Right on! This is so true, I find it happening in my life, every day is another opportunity for love and joy


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