Solstice Message of Purity and Light

Solstice Message of Purity and Light

Channeled Angel-Oracle Message on 12-21-18

On the longest night the Angels want you to know that light abounds. They honor you who have brought the earth to a victory of light. Although darkness remains—the light bearers shine brighter than ever.

Do not be deceived by earth changes that all is not well. The shaking up of what is comfortable is ultimately opening the way through the darkness for more light.

Continue to clear the emotional body. Call to the Angels and the bodies of lighter frequencies of love and peace. The love of all the goodness and light on this planet will draw together those who seek and find communion with Source.

As Jesus said, “Be not afraid.” The drama of life only serves to provide the contrast for more clarity. In the contrast, the lines of distinction between the dark and light become more pronounced. It is easier to see the lines of separation and choose which way to go.

Separate yourself from those patterns that do not have the purity of the light that you wish to carry forward into the future—that is moving toward you faster with each passing cycle.

The cycles come around again and again to provide new opportunity on old themes—themes that have come to be laid to rest. The energy trapped within them is ready for reclamation and transmutation.

What new self do you choose to carry forward? Choose joy! Choose peace! Choose Divine Love! Shine with the Holy Spirit of the purity of the ascension flame of Serapes Bey. Yes, the purity!

It is the loveliest white light of the truth of being! It is now being anchored with large pillars of light pouring through the portals of heaven.

All is seen differently with more illumination. All the shadows that have scared you have flown, and the brightness of the rainbow rays remain.

The frequency of the color grows with strength and richness in the light of ascensions flame.

Do not worry. Do not fret! See only the light that dawns ever more brightly with each day and each step forward. All is well. Know this! Resonate with this!

The Christ Consciousness is come. It is in you and of the light you hold in the name of ALL beings of light.

The cycles now turn. The seasons turn toward the coming spring and renewal. Rejoice! Rejoice!

In Christ light, all is made whole!

And so it is–

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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