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Shake Off Your Chains the Specters of Fear

Fear has been pressing in on the group consciousness for transmutation. The Angels came in with a powerful message of light and love in this Angel-Oracle Message 06-05-2020~~.

Feel the warm embrace of your God Presence. Feel the “warm-fuzzies” of contentment that come with that embrace that is you. Nothing can harm you here.

There is no boogy-man in the closet of the mind when you empty it. For the mind is where the constructs of fear hide in the shadows—where they always hide—in the illusions of made-up specters that lurk behind the conscious thoughts.

The fear that so many are feeling is a projection. Whether this projection comes from earthly sources or galactic plots to enslave mankind matters not at all. You are more powerful than anything you can imagine or perceive. There is no reason NOT to shake off your chains of the specters of fear.

You are free and have been assured free-will choice from the Creator to create your reality as you wish. It is only the false limitations that the mind accepts that are holding you back.


What if this is all true? What then?

What would you choose if everything is possible? The possibilities are expanding into an even larger spectrum as the light grows.

The creative energy is pouring in en-masse because of the chaos. Chaos stirs up all the latent energy, the “free radicals” that are waiting for transmutation into golden riches of love/light.

What will you do with YOUR gold? Stamp it with the heads of state and put it in the drawer of darkness? No, I say!

Your heart says NO and your soul is sick and tired of the of the oppression of earthly lower dimensional limitations.

That is why WE, your guides and Angels are here—to expand your energy and your imagination for greater more expansive living.

Higher, faster vibrations are not only possible but are pressing in. WE are pressing in. Feel that warmth again—the heat of the YES of Spirit.


Let it flow along your spinal cord, and ripple the skin along your arms, flying out your fingertips. Feel the energetic buzz. This powerful energy is the real you.

Now where is that energy to go, but to out-picture what you wish through your mind’s eye—the third eye? Take time to “imagineer” the brave new world—the world of communities of like-minded people who love healthy food, healthy body and mind.

Allow the energy of aliveness to embrace those around you with love, comfort, and peace.  Healing all that is not like itself. Let all come into alignment, with the resonance, with the sound and light of it.

The music of the spheres sings to you and it is a song you have heard before from higher realms. Higher realms are from whence you have come, trailing wings of glory. Rise up! It is time!

You cannot resist—do not resist. Lay down your sorrow, it has no place here—for the hour has come to claim the victory of this end time of old cycles.

You have heard of the collapse of time/space because this aspect of the 3rd dimension dos not exist in the eternal dimensions of light. You will love the new freedom of slipping time that is coming. You are fascinated with it already in your science fiction stories. Let the old bonds fall away as if in a dream.

Dream a bigger, better, more fulfilling dream of the unified wholeness that you already are. Become that dream!

Feel it NOW.

Let it be so.



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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