Self Love is the Answer to Every Problem – And it is Not Easy

Self Love is the Answer to Every Problem – And it is Not Easy

It is so much easier to love others than to love oneself. Why is it so hard?

Matt Kahn has said that one reason self-love is so hard is because we know too much about ourselves.


At least we THINK we know…. And that is where we get hung up.

We have so much judgement about everything we have or haven’t done. We are full of misconceptions about ourselves and who and what we really are.

We have judged ourselves harshly for so long. How is one to love all that imperfection?


FIRST– we need to realize that we are not the same person we were even five minutes ago—literally, scientifically. We are always, always changing.

SECOND – all that we think we know about ourselves is personality—subconscious stuff. This is just junk in our energy fields. It is the ego. It is the protective personality. It is illusion. It is not real.


We have become identified as this illusion, when it is only a distortion of the past that is reflected back to us in order to gain experience.

It is ridiculous to judge ourselves in this way. Or even to think that this protective personality that we have developed in any way resembles who we truly are.


It seems to me that when we make good decisions, do good deeds, or even have a lovely day—we could (I try not to should on myself) take the opportunity to tell ourselves that we love our self, in this moment.

Then take every opportunity to add up all those good and worthy moments instead. Celebrate the goodness. Right?

The Golden Rule, to love others as you love yourself, also means:

Be kind to yourself. Talk nicely and kindly to yourself at all times.


The real “I” is the divine that is eternal within—so what is not to love?

As I identify more and more with life itself and feel connected to family, community, and all of humanity, it becomes easier to love myself.


I AM then able to be inclusive of all in the love that I am feeling.


In other words, in my wholeness, there is only love.


It has come to my attention that healing oneself and others grows out of self-love.

Because of our great desire to be loved, the soul will find a way to love our own humanity enough to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

There is truly only LOVE.



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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