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Sealing the Earth in Light – Archangel Uriel Meditation

Archangel Uriel is known as the angel of presence and of glory. His name means the Light of God, or God’s light. This archangel of light can illuminate your mind with wisdom as ideas and concepts.

An interesting note is that Uriel has a great affinity with the force of electricity.

His presence is often heralded by electrical appliances fusing and light bulbs failing. He also manifests through thunderstorms.

To summon this wisdom energy of Archangel Uriel declare: “Archangel Uriel come forth “to purify darkness with light, and fill my heart with joy!”

On 10-31-2020 Uriel came through to give this message:

The world turns—day to night and night to day—but the light of the ONE is eternal always and forever!

The light cannot be extinguished but grows and expands from the smallest seed. If you love the light of goodness and mercy, focus your attention with intension and fan that flame in your heart.

I AM Uriel of the Light. I AM come to expand that light within and without.

You are not alone—you are not separate. All is unified in Love.

The earth experiment to expand the love/light and light/love of the ONE, I AM THAT I AM, is raining down upon the earth.

Gaia is rising to the glory that she is meant to be in the firmament of the Cosmos.

The forces of darkness cannot stand before this light. When there is the will to choose that light, all is possible. All is free-will choice but always the light prevails.

The light of wisdom and knowledge “shines in the darkness though the darkness comprehended it not,” as the scriptures say. But when you awaken and DO comprehend light and shine it forth the earth is blessed.

Be consumed by the fire of the heart. Connect the Heart-Mind-Wisdom centers within to anchor that light in Mother Earth.

This day and evermore the earth breaks her chains of submission to the shadow of men at war with themselves.

We of the angelic realm are so near to you. Take our hands in unity for all life that is of God Consciousness as we circle the earth in a matrix of higher vibration to seal the New Earth in her crystal light body.

There will be NO backsliding now. The momentum of awakening to your glory as divine beings is too great to hold back the blessings awaiting you.

You expand into the stars—and flow within to contain all points of light for there is no place that God is NOT.


Now FEEL yourself floating in the night sky full of stars. Feel within that same silence that is also full of points of light—for the light of God is there.

As you expand into the stars floating in the soft peace of Love everlasting. You become conscious as Consciousness itself. Now just BE. Float in the LOVE that is the essence of all things.

Breathe deeply until you are ready to return to your body.

As you engage with your life do not be dismayed as earth changes continue to occur. Remember that the light being you are, is not touched by the breaking down of the old systems that do not serve humanity or the God Spark of the divine within you.

Serve only the light—be only LOVE.

We of the angelic host seal this blessing upon you and amplify the power of light within you.

Now breathe from above you, through your central core into the earth to anchor in Heaven/Earth. You are indeed the lightning rod of power transforming with ascensions fire.

Be complete. Be healed. Be that peace beyond human understanding and hold this light. Hold the Light.

Amen and Amen,


Thank you, thank you, thank you Archangel Uriel for this angelic blessing! We will HOLD and anchor this light!

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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