Romance, Love and Twin Flames

Romance, Love and Twin Flames

When looking for romance and love, many people look for some way to predict happy meetings and relationships. We all want that the closeness of friendship, love and passion. Human beings dream of connection and the emotional high of feeling deeply connected at the heart level. We seek appreciation, validation, and at the core we want to feel oneness with another being.


In everyone’s life story is their version of love and possibility an experience of romance. In the 1300’s a romance was a story of the adventures of a knight, hero. The evolution of the meaning expanded as medieval tales told of chivalric adventures full of marvelous incidents and heroic deeds.


The meaning of romance was extended by the 1660s to mean “a love story.” According to historical accounts, the meaning of romance as an “adventurous quality” was first recorded 1801. It expanded more into that of “love affair” by 1916 and the “romance novel” sprang into being around 1964. Many girls are seeking their “prince charming” in fairy-tale relationships and unrealistic expectations.


Tarot cards are often used to predict the potential and possibilities of the future. I love to practice my intuitive senses by playing with tarot and oracle card decks and their beautiful artwork combined with spiritual meanings. Many times, the Lovers card appears for me, and I usually interpret it as a deeper connection with my higher self.


In one esoteric tarot card deck, the Lovers card shows a man and woman standing beneath the angel, Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals’ and represents both physical and emotional healing. The angel blesses the man and woman and reminds them of their union with the Divine.


Harmony and friendship are also implied by the appearance of the Lovers card and may signify a platonic relationship as well. The Lovers is also associated with messages and contacting another with harmonious results. Sometimes it is more about the psyche rather than the emotions. Love presents in many forms.


The appearance of the Lovers in tarot readings can mean so many different things and depends on the placement of the card in the reading. It often suggests a free choice between physical attraction and idealistic love. The Lovers is the card of couples, lovers and twins, such as those referred to as “twin flames” or “soul mate” relationships.


Many people in the spiritual community are looking for their “twin flame” which is often to satisfy a longing for wholeness. This coming into wholeness can only be experienced as we find union within ourselves and with the higher divine Self. As more and more people find balance within, the synchronistic meetings of twin flames increase to assist in our spiritual awakening.


The story of twin flame love and union is the ultimate romance story. It is experienced as falling in love with an amazing, inspiring and wonderful soul who fulfills us. The true twin flame union is experienced when there is a balance of the masculine and feminine energy within. We each hold both energies and humanity must balance them internally and in the external world as well. Feminine energy which has been denied is rising in the world today. And masculine energy is being used in a more healthy way.


I have to admit that I laughed at many women who told romantic stories of a mate whose, “mind and consciousness flows from the very soul as ours, practically our mirror. We recognize in their eyes someone those soul we may have seen many times before, reflecting our true soul back to us.” It seems like too much emotionalism.


Then I experienced twin flame energy for myself when there was an undeniable and uncontrollable energy connection with a someone I hardly knew as our eyes and souls made contact. It is like romance and friendship on steroids. It is a connection that vibrates as both unconditional love and passion. We both felt seen and heard at the level of the soul.


Twin flame energy isn’t one-dimensional or even three-dimensional, it feels that there is no beginning or end. It is not a romantic roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs but more like a vortex lifting us. It allows two souls to feel the sacredness within. It represents true love as a spiritual process which connects us with our real self and everyone else at a soul level. It is a blessing that we give ourselves and the world.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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