Renew the Earth in the New Year 2020

Renew the Earth in the New Year 2020

Angel-Oracle Message 11-29-19

Winter and endings do come to pass. May the earth be renewed during this winter season.

The falling of the leaves, the falling of the rain, the falling of the snow are releasing and cleansing the force field of earth. They usher in a transition for the new life comes again.

The New Year arrives and then new signs of spring growth will surely follow.

You are aware of the cycles that come and go because of the way that nature moves, and the planetary bodies turn. Know it is also true in your life as well. Of course, you have cycles of your life and your heart. Allow these to naturally do their work.

It does no good to say “NO” to what is. Understand that children and family also have their cycles as well and you have even less control of other’s life cycles—for they make their own choices and life stories.

May you be renewed during the holy days of winter to bloom and grow anew in the spring. The life you live is precious and the love you give lives on in the lives of others.

Be present in the earth as a tuning-fork and force-field of the presence of the Divine and know that ALL is sacred. Each breath and each new day—all the beginnings and even the endings are part of the same Yin/Yang of life. It is whole—the HOLY.

The great Kali Yuga* folds in on itself as the coils of space/time are rolling on. You see but a minuscule piece of all of it. It is like focusing on the reflection in a single drop of dew, when dew forms on each leaf of every tree, in a dense forest that goes on and on.

See the beauty of all of this as you observe nature. Be thankful!

It is glorious and you CAN find a perspective to receive the magnitude of it. There is space within for you to receive it all.

Expand. Expand your consciousness. Expand your heart and feel the flow.

You are loved—you are that love—and blessed beyond measure to live at this time of the earth’s ascension to love.

And so it is

*It is generally thought that the Kali Yuga includes both a 1,200-year descending and ascending cycle that lasts 2,400 years.  Most recently, the world emerged from descending Kali Yuga into ascending. One timeline indicates that the ascending Kali Yuga, which is the current epoch in which we are living, will end in 2025 CE. The full manifestation of the next Yuga – the ascending Dwapara – will take place in 2325 CE, after a transitional period of 300 years.  For more information on the Yugas here 

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