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Receiving a Daily Dose of Inspiration

The key to receiving is to first create space.

This has been a big theme lately and it is what I have to do to get guidance–first quiet the mind.

You can do this for yourself to connect to the Field of Consciousness. My guides and Angels suggest a daily dose of connection.

Tune into the energy of each day to receive the kernels of knowledge that are here for you.

You will find aspects of planetary consciousness that are downloaded into your field of consciousness. You may also find that these coincide with astrological energies beamed in from archetypal matrices that were put in place long ago. As well as message beamed through portals of light from other dimensions and beyond.

As you do this you may have noticed that the messages that come in are repeated over and over. Sometimes feeling like a Morris Coded message. We have found that energetic codes must be repeated many times before humanity perceives the message that is in them.

I have asked that my messages be repeated for me gently and in different ways until I become consciously aware of them. Also I have noticed that when messages are repeated I find that there are deeper meanings and profound understandings that unfold.

Your feeling body receives the messages in energetic format first. Your mental body is the last to know. That is why the admonition to “take it to the body*” to work with the energy first is the most efficient and easiest means of making changes in your reality. In this way you get more accurate information from what you call “higher sources.”

In truth, your linear concepts and mental gymnastics to order and create a linear dimensional trail is limiting and slows thing down exponentially. This slowing is neither good nor bad for things are changing in your world quickly.

You may not want all the information coming in a lump sum. There must be space to integrate and to assimilate and embody the energetic information. So don’t be in such a hurry to get it all.

There is fun to be had in savoring the journey. Remember the journey itself is what you came here for and it will be better if savored.

The message of today’s energy is for the soul group that is reading this. Soul growth will come in by allowing a pause and the space to bring in the new. Create room by emptying out the old–past thoughts, beliefs, and habit patterns.

Just do conscious breathe-work until you can feel empty. This emptiness may feel strange, even uncomfortable at first until you feel clean and refreshed. Remember that you can more clearly receive the new energy coming in.

Do this before you decide what the next inspired action is to be.

What if someone just can’t wait for something to do and feel the need for physical action? Here are three steps:

Three steps that are a trinity to create space within. Simple – Linear – Holistic

  1. Body – using a clean diet
  2. Mind – using meditation
  3. Spirit – by deep breathing

Start by doing this one simple exercise:

  • Breathe deeply into your stomach area
  • Bend creating pressure in the solar-plexus
  • Slowly exhale as you reach to touch your toes
  • Stay empty for the count of four
  • Then slowly stand on the inhale
  • Repeat 4 times

Do this twice a day with the intention to create space within for your enlightenment, increased awakening, consciousness, or whatever spiritual goal you set for yourself.

Visualize filling with light, color, sparkles or the misty white substance of the holy ghost that represents the spiritual, Soulful Self that is coming alive within you.

Daily doses of continued intuitive messages will be of service to your life stream as well as the practices of meditation, organic diet, and exercise. That is the message most needed for you at this time.

And so it is,

Your Angels and Guides

A complete explanation of the practice of “take it to the body” is found in the book, “The Energy Codes” by Dr. Sue Morter.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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