pink cloud of love

Surrender to Love

11-07-20 Angel-Oracle Message~~

How can we heal the earth?

Healing the earth is a noble desire. The healing of all is in the awareness of the consciousness of that love. The frequency of love and all higher frequency that resonates like it, such as joy and gratitude, repolarize all discord and dis-ease.

This love is not the human version of conditional love but of divine charity, compassion and grace. You touch on feeling this love but are not immersed in the bliss of it.

The pure love of Source is overwhelming to most humans. The rapture tends to lift you right out of your bodies.

Yet, if you would give yourself over to the feelings of joy, gratitude and the open hearted flow of the energy known as love all would be changed.

Change is not that easy for humans. It feels uncomfortable and yet you find yourself in change all the time. You live in resistance to the unknown.

I, Chamuel of love, come to wipe away the fear, to calm the troubled mind, and to give you peace.

Rest in the peace and comfort of a soft pillow of pink light. There is no need for the struggle. Lay down your fear. Loosen your grip on what you think needs to happen.

I assure you that all is in accordance with the Divine plan. A plan you agreed to and participate in. All of creation is the essence of God Source knowing and loving itself—over and over again.

The mind of God is not the mind of man. The mind of God is full of sacred geometrical structures and worlds without end.

Enjoy your gifts, your loves, your world of form and your rich emotions. You are unique in all of the vast creations of the multiverse.

YOU! You are the one—the one and only you—a burning ember of God Source. You are cherished more than you know.

Begin to appreciate the intricacy of life not with your mind but with your heart. You see the miracles in patterns of all forms of earths flora and fauna, of planets and galaxies. All of it weaves a matrix for the expansion and evolution of the infinite manifestations of Consciousness.

Spread your arms to receive the Love we bring. Raise your arms into the flow of Divine love coming to you. Drink it in. Breathe it in. And breathe out that love to all. Stamp your signature of love on every molecule that flows from you to bless the earth.

You are a being created of light/love from the beginning—before time and space, you cannot be anything else. All else is just pretending. Pretend all you like but Love is what you are and will always be. Surrender to it. Surrender to the bliss of being in its purest form.

Release the density that holds you back. Cry and release tears—laugh and release the pent up emotions—sing and jump, twirl with abandon—become as a little child to release the fears that you hold.

Thank your fear for trying to keep you safe then spread your wings for ascension.

Old patterns and structure are being dismantled and lifted from you and from your world for the next age. A new story of humanity is beginning.

Surrender, release, relax, and float in the pink cloud of love.

Peace—peace be unto you. The hosts of heaven and angelic realms are with you. Never fear. Relax, you are held and you are safe.

Amen and Amen,

Chamuel the Archangel of Love


Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a great big bear hug that you can feel in the physical–and know it is from your Guardian Angels.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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