time running out

Prediction Patterns Premonitions

The stars align for more change. Although change is always present, great change is still the pattern. You must adjust, though this may feel like disruption and agitation.

Change means growth, and change is now moving humanity toward a great expansion in human consciousness. Be gentle with yourself, and let it be easy.

Consciousness, as we mean it, is alignment with the Unified Field of the Mind of God. These words might not have great meaning for you, yet you can feel consciousness at work in the synchronicity of life and your intuitive power.

There are themes that are playing out in the cosmic dance of forces at play. Forces shift in the energy field around you as well as within you.

Premonitions and Intuition

Be easy about this change, even though things feel unstable and unsettling to your sense of safety. Small changes in your behavior will make big differences over time. The more mindful you can be about your words and actions, the better life will flow for you.

We of the angelic realm are ever watchful for opportunities to help and to tickle you with premonitions and intuitive ideas. Pay attention to that “still small voice” that leads you to understanding.

Be not afraid to step out of the norm. What is normal is the hypnosis of the way things have been for far too long. Let go of the past.

Much change is needed, and many are called to step up. Bring humanity into consciousness about kinder and more loving ways to treat each other. Be present.

Humanity must move from the competitive “every man for himself” mentality. And evolve into the strength of those who are most loving—in cooperation and community.

All humanity is connected in the work of anchoring the light into the earth so that she might rise to her place in the hierarchy of the heavens.

The focus of the galactic patterning forms itself around you.

Angels Joined by the Council of Light

We of the Council of Light are cheering you on to come to a place of unity of purpose in love and illumination of truth.

You do not know what that means in the grand scheme of things, but it will be made plain and come into focus over time. Although time itself is slipping from the matrix, possible timelines come together, and separation is no more.

What you choose to believe in is powerful magic. Quantum energy pulls photons into alignment in physical form. There is science in the patterns that are coalescing around the choices being made. We wait, holding you in faith, trust, and hope as you unravel it.

Since humanity has not chosen mass destruction that was prophesied by false gods, then what plays out? Imagine the best outcome. See it and believe it.

This is where your creativity comes in with a rush of imagination, innovation, and intention. The impulse of your heroic natures will come into play to catapult human nature to the survival that is necessary for evolution.

This is a difficult subject for many who want the status quo, which does not serve them. This is the time predicted where people are crying, “Peace, peace, but there is no peace.”

You must find peace within your heart and stand for what you know is right.

The strength of a greater love will be kindled in the heart.

This is the true message of this transmission, the prediction of those of higher dimensions, and the vision that we hold for you.

You will find more meaning as you accept love in all of its forms as the life that is lived well.

We love you and hold you. We keep you in the safety of the eternal and infinite love of the Creator.


The Council of Light

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Notes: The phrase peace, peace, when there is no peace is found in the Bible, in Jeremiah 6:14 as well as Jeremiah 8:11. It is also found in Ezekiel 13:10 and 16. In all four places, it has the same meaning in the same historical context.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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