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Pillars of a New Earth

Consider the pillars of your life and all that supports you.

The pillars of earthly life that hold up the roof and/or the sky are your shelter and your vision of possibilities. The pillars are also the beliefs that you live by—the main themes in your life. The visualization and analogy of pillars also represent the rocks that you hold onto and the habits that define you.

The supporting pillars that we are speaking of, and drawing your attention to, are the rocks of your faith and your knowledge of the way life works. Your pillars can support the structures of the energy field that you build to the heavens or they can be a prison locking you into a small tight box.

Pillars can also represent ideas, rules or boundaries. You have recently opened the gateway to new understanding and now you wish to erect pillars of daily habits to support your life purpose and design.

Remodel Your Life

The structure of your life is being remodeled and some of the framework is being torn down, some of the interior pillars that you used as structural supports are being removed because they limit your sightlines and the expansion that you are looking for.

It is like the home remodeling shows that you see on television. You want to first declutter, have organization, and create living spaces that reflect the way that you have grown.

Imagine now your life as this house under construction and how much you are excited about the new design, even though it looks a mess as the walls are being moved.


Evolutionary Change

Again we speak to you of changes and of substantially expanding your boundaries as all of humanity moves into the next chapter of a spiritual revolution. Many years ago the revolution in “Higher Consciousness” began and now the structures must be rebuilt.

As in the HGTV remodeling shows, there are rotten parts in the structure. The home that so happily served for many years now undermines the safety of the family and the home. These discoveries are shocks to the owners of the home because they were unaware of the impending danger.

Now, as the structures of life are getting walls removed, you may find that you need metaphorical “new electrical wiring” or discover that your “plumbing” has been leaking for many years.

While this seems like bad news in the story because it delays the building and hits the budget for the remodel—in the end everything works out and there is so much joy in knowing that everything is now more sturdy, up to code, and 100 times more beautiful and functional than before.

Many people have taken stock of their lives in recent times. As your lives have been disrupted in so many ways it is time to regroup. It is now evident to everyone that there will be no going back to the old structures and no small amount of patching up the floorboards is going to hold up the new story that we now want to put on the house. You may want a vaulted ceiling. There needs to be a new foundation poured.

It is liable to get messy. Tearing apart the house always is. That said—it must be done.

Go to this Angel Message to rebuild your life: Building a Temple for Love – Meditation


There has been time and space created during the pandemic that has involved the whole of humanity. This is reorganizing how people think about too many things to name. Routines have been turned upside down.

Now the reconstruction will begin in earnest. Do what you can to be of assistance on the overhaul.

As with all creation, the work begins with you and at home—and the way you live and love.  Get your house in order and declutter. Move out the old and consider new possibilities. It is time to build a “New Earth.”

Take time to make the blueprint plans and get your team onboard with the understanding of what the design of the new plan is.

There are so many steps in this project and you can’t skip the steps. Just buckle down and work the plan in your own life and the rest of creation will follow. Do not underestimate the value of what one person can do.

The ONE is you.

As you know, “There is only one of us here.”

And so it is,

The Host of Angels

The Science of Reprogramming Your Life for A New Earth


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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