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Peace Declares a Cease Fire

The Higher Self and the angelic realms are always here—in the NOW moment—whenever you drop into presence. The grounding of the life force that you are anchors into the earth center is especially need in the time/space where you find yourself—tuning into in this present moment.

The work that you do is in being that lightning-rod between the dimensions and the integration and the embodiment of it all. Be the integration and walk as that, in order to stitch together the Oneness.

There is no separation in Oneness, and the sooner humanity at large can hold this unity consciousness—the sooner the peace, love, and resonance that you wish for, will be seen in the physical.

There must needs be a “cease fire” declared to all that is the waring of the physical and non-physical members within you.

This is the message that we bring today in order to further the anchoring of the resolution of conflicts within and without. Conflict resolution is the need of the hour.

Peace Be Still

“Peace be still” was an admonition of Jesus in his mission for the earth. He showed the way for humanity to be the Love in action and in embodiment. It is the call of the energy of Aquarius.

Peace is a place that is also full of joy and presence. It is the fullness and wholeness that is the essence of God/Source.

Will you choose peace at every turn and choice point? Where in your life can you find more peace to share with the world in this time of chaos in the presence of fear.

Affirmations of Peace

  • I AM the peace that passes understanding.
  • I AM the peace of the world within and without
  • I AM the peace for myself and I stand for the inclusion of peace for All

Feel that peace now and memorize that feelings that you may call forth that vibration at will and in every situation.

How Does Peace Feel?

Peace feels like a deepening of the core of your body. It is a thickening of the energies that coalesce into one coherent resonant force. It is the deep abiding body, mind, breath of life that is flowing through and around you in the tube-taurus action of your energy field.

What is this feeling for you? Go there now and sit with yourself as Self, in that field. What is that field for you? There is no wrong answer.

Sit in peace and be still.

The Angel of Peace

I AM that Angel of Peace that you seek. I AM that presence that will answer the call whenever you choose peace rather than the polarity of right and wrong. The judgements of rejection and bullying that has prevailed upon earth are gasping their last breaths.

There is peace in the resonant tones, the harmonies, and the chords of the song of all creation that blends together in a joyful noise. This song is sung by the angel choruses night and day.

Hold that resonance of the chords of harmony and balance of all—the wholeness of everything.

You must choose it. Peace does not just happen without the intention, the awareness, and the consciousness of peace.

You will find it if you will but look. Look to nature for the quiet peace of the blending of the natural world as it sings glory to the life that vibrates everywhere.

I bring you the blessing of calmness.

We bless you with the knowing that you are at peace with the unfolding of the awakening Consciousness that is arising.

Even when you do not see any peace around you, you can reach that peace within knowing that you are held in the arms of All-That-Is. You may follow the trail all the way to the void and back again.

Receive that essence of peace now.

Not as the world would define peace as a submission; but of the peace of balance—the peace of harmony—the peace of resolution. The peace of balance and coming into harmony with it.

Meditate on that peace.

Peace be still.

We bid you good-day,

The Angels

Blessing of Love from Archangel Chamuel

Note: Archangel Chamuel, whose name means “one who seeks God,” is the Archangel of Peace. He primarily uses his divine powers to help people foster peace with themselves and with others by helping them approach their problems with love and compassion.



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