pathway to light

Passion and Purpose

Dear people of Earth, the time has come to be who you truly are. What and who is that you may ask?

We of the Council of Light are here to remind you that you are powerful beings of light who are on a grand adventure.

You have been told many things about who and what you are by entities of all kinds who would control you and diminish your Divine Power. This has worked for centuries but no more!

We have seen your plight and have responded to your calls for help. You have called to the Gods of your understanding but have not learned to take up the mantel and scepter of your own greatness.

The frequencies of energy that support your awakening are pouring in upon the planet. All that is dark is being illuminated.

All that the “dark forces” have done to deceive and use you is powerless to stop this. The information that is available to you now will assist you in the remembrance of your destiny and mission.

We make contact with you this day. We support you, as do many other councils, including extraterrestrial beings, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

What do you wish to know? Ask and the answers will unfold for you.

The Heavens Open

The veils between the seen and the unseen open at this time of year. The configuration of the planets support this and the unseen world of spirit and eternity can be seen and felt. Eclipses are prevalent and the Holy Days of the season are upon you.

What will you do with this potent energy? Will you accept the calling to be more and step into your role of greatness? It is what you truly want and what all the longings you feel are drawing you toward.

All will be revealed as you take your attention off the past, wipe the sleep from your eyes and see with a new perspective. You will see what you can do to create a life that thrills you and fulfills you.

Do not fear! The anxiousness you feel is the friction that is needed to propel you forward. It is the fuel and the propulsion unit of the engine of change. Bless the feelings of anxiety that are also excitement at the new and greater path that is before you.

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Lead with Purpose – Walk with Passion

Do what needs doing daily. Do what is in front of you to the best of your ability. Do not reject the life that is yours to unravel and unwrap. It is a great gift—the greatest gift that you gave to yourself if the whole truth is told.

See what is there to DO and BE in this NOW moment. Choose what you feel passionate about. Then take the next step and the next. This is purpose. Walk with purpose.

At this time next year you will find yourself in a whole new place. You will have a new understanding and a new mastery of yourself and the life that is yours to live and love.

Life as a human is not perfection. Perfection is who you are and where you came from. Life as a human being is full of the contrast, fraught with choices of every shape and color. Choose from what appears before you at your table.

You have a smorgasbord, a buffet, a banquet of daily choices laid out for you. Choose and choose again. This is your power. The power of choice, the power of the variety of experiences that can show you the intensity of the energetic powers that are generated within you.

All the emotional energy generated can be harnessed and directed. Do not waste your emotions or waste away in the energy of indecision and complacency but be passionate about your life.

Humans have that potential for so much passion! This is a fire that is not available anywhere else in the Universe.

Use Your Feelings

You have within you the engine and the energy to be the magic and the medicine for all that you meet and all that you pour your love into. Do not withhold your love, appreciation, gratitude or your intensions for good. There is a never-ending supply.

Be all you can be with conviction and fortitude. We will stand with you and buoy you up. We will be your compadres and comrades in arms. Who and what will stand against your righteous desires with an army of the legions of light?

You smile at our declaration? You laugh at the boldness that you might feel with an army of light?

Laugh not but accept us at our word to stand with us. Call the light forth to you and wrap yourself with it. Send the light and goodness before you like a wave of elementals of air, fire, water and earth.

Be the wizard, the alchemist, that adept or whatever hero persona has been dormant within you and know yourself as who you truly are!

It is a Hero’s Journey that you are on. Dress yourself in the trappings of prince and princesses of the light. Be any kind of hero you wish to be in scenarios large and small.

Put your hands on your hips, stick out your chest, head held high and begin.

We march with you.

And so it is,

 The Council of Light

 Who Are the Council of Light?

“Beyond the Universal Gatekeepers, the Angelics, the Great Masters and the Ancient Brother/Sisterhoods, exists the Council of Light!

They are pure Spirit, pure Light. They are the primary elements of The One Great Mind, the Creator. They have never been embodied as human. From them, all other councils emerge.

All knowledge comes from them. They release conceptual energy for distribution through encoded light waves.”



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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