Are you ready to hear from your higher self, even Angels?


I connect and give you the messages you need to hear from Oneness.


I'm Lindsay Godfree -

Your Consciousness Guide. Awakening consciousness is my mission. This is where the magic happens.

As a #1 Best Selling Author and Pure Consciousness Channel, my motto is:

"Live Life Consciously!"

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Have you ever wondered just what the Angels would say to you?

Are YOU one of those who has your life turned upside down?

Could you use some guidance and/or a download of Angel Blessings in you life?

Here is your opportunity to hear what the angels have to say to you PERSONALLY.

Lindsay Godfree is an Angel on this earth. Her channeled messages from the Angels are spot on and always bring joy and peace to my heart.~~

Angel Communicator, Author, 

Courtney Long - Testimonial for Lindsay Godfree

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