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Open Your Spiritual Easter Egg

Each individual is an egg of the Divine—a seed fractal of the whole that is becoming more.

What is your Easter Egg like? When referring to the “egg” that surrounds you we are speaking of the 12th chakra. Although less familiar to you than the seven chakra energy centers that are within the body—the focus now is upon the chakras that are beyond the body.

The 12th chakra is the egg that the body is seated within. You are within an egg of energy.

Take a deep breath to let this sink in. You are not your body. The body could be said to be a very small yolk in the center of your becoming.

Yes, the body is a core of density within layers of who you truly are. You are a being of immense power—a great light body of multi-dimensional facets that are now being discovered consciously by your mental mind.

Chakra 12

The 12th chakra is an egg of subtle energy that your body exists within. It surrounds you with vibrational frequencies of energy that are fibers of the Unified Field of Consciousness that connects All-That-IS.

Here, the larger part of the “Larger You” experiences the overlap of all that is that also may be termed God/Source/Universe.

You are not separate from the “other” as you once thought you were. You are an entanglement of energies that have compacted to create a certain bandwidth of reality that has been your seed identity. The most physical part, your body, is a minuscule minuet portion.

This seed is now beginning the process of an evolutionary sprouting stage. (Some people now refer to this new human as homo universalis.) Your growth includes your expansion of the eggs that we refer to in this message.

Areas of growth

You have been compacted to a state of protection that you no longer need. In fact, you would be better off to totally crack the hard shells surrounding you and come out of those shells.

  1. Heart- You have been working on the cracking of the shell of protection around the heart and opening what has been referred to as the “secret chamber of the heart” and the “second heart.”
  2. Ego- You also have been softening the ego matrix, the protective personality—that wants to tell you all the things that you cannot do, or be, or have, when you can. All this is part of the program of “keeping you safe.”
  3. Aura- Now your attention is being brought to the egg of the aura, the 12th chakra, and the field that is the truth of who you are.

What life is showing you now is that you will never be safe by being “small” within your limitations. The only safety is in expansion and being comfortable with growth, change, flexibility and authenticity. Without the impetus to expand, the seed rots in decay and does not thrive.

Come out of your shells and be willing to grow.

Thriving Means Growth

The egg symbolizes possibility. The egg of beingness is now expanding to be inclusive of others. We are moving toward Unity Consciousness with each breath of cosmic energy being anchored into Mother Earth.

Anchor your energy. It is at this Springtime of the new growth, our thoughts and energy moves first into the lower chakras to be anchored. The more we reach upward, the deeper the roots go to stabilize and hold us upright.

See yourself as a blossom, a flower and expand as a tree. Meditate on these forms—these geometries, and use nature as your inspiration. The matrixes of earth are the skeletal structure of your greater being.

The greater being that you are includes many layers of being in many dimensions and is always expanding. Continue to root yourself and find your balance within the body, mind, spirit and the integration of energies.

Your greater wisdom is coming online.

Central in this effort is supplying yourself with proper nutrients for all the parts of your being. Use all the methods that you can think of to help yourself and support yourself and others with compassion. Focus on self-love and self-care

Choose to be conscious of everything that is around you and feel into the expanded version of you—the egg of potential.

Paint Yourself Colorful

One of the joys of the springtime is the diversity of nature, the many shapes and colors. Be appreciative of all this diversity in nature and within you. If you must compare yourself to others, do so with the joy of appreciating the contrast.

No one is the same. All are unique with special gifts, desires and dreams. All of this is championed by Source and is why you embodied on earth.

The goal was to bring consciousness into the diversity, the polarity, and to further experience life folding in upon itself.

Appreciate how colorful you are and the choices you are privileged to make in your life.

Enjoy your life experience because all of it is valuable to the creator. You are of great value—a treasury of multi-faceted light—a bright and shiny jewel.

We say you are a crown jewel.

We love how you shine. We love how you work out your life story. We love to love you.

And so it is.

Your Angels


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  1. Vasi Huntalas on April 5, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    Thank you Lindsay (and the Angels) for sharing this powerful message! Reading this inspires me to deepen my roots and expand more into my Divine potential. May this spring bring us all closer to the wisdom and Truth of who we really are.

    • Lindsay Godfree on April 5, 2021 at 4:33 pm

      Thank you for your comment and letting me know that you read the message and were inspired. I am so happy to share the Angel messages that are so uplifting to me. Many blessings!

  2. Lorrie Hutchinson on April 13, 2021 at 10:18 am

    A beautiful spring time message! An aha on why children love to color eggs. They know it is a symbol of who they are. It gave me chills to read the angel message that they love to love us.
    thank you


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