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New Year 2023 Transformation

Today, the Angels and the Council of Light have questions for you.

What would life have you do today? What would you choose if you could do anything at all?

Align with the feeling place of doing what you love the most, tune in with your imagination and go there. As you work through what has shown up in the physical world to be done, do it with that love on the inside.

This is how you shift your reality. Once you have chosen your frequency and the feeling place of it in your body, your life will resonate with it. Cherish your wonderful feelings, hold them and generate them at will and you can be that happiness in every now.

Do not wait for things to change. Be the change! Energetically choose this change. It is a free-will choice. This is the mastery you seek. It will change everything.

Breath into the experience of it through your senses and you create alchemical reactions within you. You are a powerhouse of creative energy. Channel that power of creative energy here and now!

Smile the Smile of Knowing

As you live in the world of your own alchemical creation bring a smile to your face as a symbol of this action. The thoughtful action of this trigger will be the signal to your body chemistry to also come into alignment.

You are not your body. Take mastery over it. Take control of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and even the cellular records that are part of the physical experience.

This has been done by the Ascended Masters. You also have brought some mastery with you from other timelines, lifetimes, and places beyond your memory but not beyond your inner knowing.

Tune into knowing yourself on other levels of consciousness. Tap into the frequencies there with just an intention and a simple smile.

Remind yourself that you are a master at other dimensions and become the multidimensional being that you truly know yourself to be.

Archangel Zadkiel and Ascended Master Saint Germain

The activation here is of the alchemy of the violet flame and the transformation of the density of the physical form. This awakens the energetics of all light beings who resonate with it.

Archangel Zadkiel and the Ascended Master Saint Germain stand with you to hold the space for the transformation that you have called forth and are activating. By consciously awakening these energies, we answer the call of this resonance for change.

We wish to hold space and to offer a helping hand in the transformation you have called forth.

The energies of judgement, of holding onto shame, of self-flagellation for imagined sins and misdeeds. These are from the past and are now consumed in the fire of the violet flame.

We are stoking the fire of forgiveness and redemption invoked with the powerful intensity of our high-powered “lighter fluid.” Blasting a bonfire. Making a blazing hot forge of alchemical transformation.

Let it be consumed and released! We declare it so.

Saint Germain speaks, “Repeat after me, “I declare that I have released and am free of the heaviness of guilt, shame, judgement, and condemnation within me. Whether it be directed at me from others or from myself. I am cut loose from all aspects of these energies across all time and space. I AM free! And so it is!”

Go forward into the day before you and into the year before you as a New Year and as a new being. Accept this new version of yourself as a commingling of other versions of the Self that you have now integrated into this reality.

The new version of you seeks expression in physical form to serve the greater good.

This activation and transmutation will help you serve as witness to the light within and as intersession of the “Light” from higher frequencies. These higher frequencies wish to commingle in unity. This will bring in the highest version of humanity on this planet Earth.

We wish you good day and a Happy New Year!

And so it is,

The Council of Light


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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