New Age Reality - Angels Support Transformation

New Age Reality – Angels Support Transformation

You ask the Angels, “What is real?” The real is what is formulated by the focus of energy in the field of creativity. The reality is what you believe and what you love, coupled with the power of excitement and passion. You decide what is real in the physical world.

What is real in the etheric and higher multidimensional world are layers of energy flow that are moving. Reality is relative and changes inter-dimensionally.

From the viewpoint of the angelic, we come to support all that takes you to the fulfillment of life’s purpose. We support your glory and your safe journey through time/space and space, and we carry you home in your out-of-body states. We wish what is best for you and support your dreams—both physical and ephemeral.

Always, your Higher Self is orchestrating the patterns within the light of the Divine Matrix. When enough of humanity is on the path toward higher states of consciousness, there is a shift that is made physical where all can see and benefit.

Enter the Sacred Geometry of the Cosmos

Humanity is entering that time of shifting timelines. Much is changing—it has to. The cosmic patterns and eternal energies of the multiverse are also at play and many cycles of learning through certain experiences have run their course. “For the times, they are a changing,” like an old hippy song from your past this strikes a chord.

We at Angelic are excited for you! We are in support of mankind becoming more of the wholeness of the One—of the consciousness of unity that you hold. So much can be done for the souls of men when they are in right relationship. When mankind has soothed the chaos within himself to extend a hand to his brother, then so much can be done to benefit all.

But first, the protective personality, the ego, must lay down the fight. The higher self is in charge when you become more present with the power that you have to affect matter by your intention and your power of love. Love is the key and is the liquid light that moves mountains.

Nothing will survive in the coming years without an influx of light that also stands for love—the love that means life everlasting. This is something we of the angelic realm do support within and around you. You can connect with the matrix of higher dimensions when you anchor in your heart and expand your perception.

It is from this expanded state that you will see new visions of what is possible and be able to pull in the elements of new creation and new ways of doing and being. The old misuses of power and the manipulation of the resources of Earth are not supported in the new energies streaming into your life.

The earth herself has withdrawn the support of lower states of consciousness. She (Gaia) is tired of the creations of the fight of duality and longs for another, more complex and complementary structure. The crystal core of her being and the crystal light bodies of the light beings in human form that are here to support her in this are activated.

We of the angelic dimensions are here to support you in this effort.

Angel Support is Here

Archangel Azreal’s Blessing

“I AM the light and power of Azrael—the Archangel of transition and of safe passage between dimensional states.

Come up higher. Leave behind your smallness and petty cares of self-protection. Lay down your arms and link your hands with others to complete the destiny for earth written in the stars.

You have no excuses left. You are defenseless in the inflow of the vibrational frequency of the pattern of what is called the New Earth matrix. The old patterns will not be sustained. Find new ways of being.

Take my hand and I will show you the majesty of the creations of the greater love and the wisdom of cooperation. I will show you the co-creation that is in the field that is ready to birth with much joy and jubilation.

It looks like a firework display—the likes of which you have never seen in your life. The fireworks from heavenly patterns that light up the heavens of your understanding until all is light.

We love you, we bless you with strength of purpose and the vision that moves you forward. Even though you do not clearly see where you are going, you move forward with each new dawn. It is magnificent. You are safe and guided and held in a loving embrace always.

And so it is.

Your Angels

Archangel Azrael’s Role

*The Archangel Azrael plays a role in helping people during important times of transition and transformation, including the transition to the “afterlife.” You can call to Azrael for deeper strength and guidance during challenging times when the future is uncertain.

A possible invocation or prayer to call in Azrael would be:

Archangel Azrael, I AM thankful for the love that supports me while navigating important changes in my life and in the lives of all. I accept and allow the clarity and illumination of the areas of change for growth within me—that leads to the highest version of Self that I can offer the world.

Reveal within me the character traits that strengthen my individual spark of divinity. Increase the energy vibrations that support me in being more courageous, more joyful, and more forgiving.

Teach me how to develop these traits in my daily life by helping me shift my thoughts, words, and actions by the infusion of more love. May the energy of inspiration guide my choices as I move through my day. And so it is. Amen.



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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