Negative Emotions and Awakening

Negative Emotions and Awakening

The most important thing to learn about your emotions is that they are your best friends.

That’s right—who knew that emotions are designed to help us to translate our life experience as energetic information that floods through our human bodies?

Somehow our teachers missed this critical piece of information when addressing what’s most important in life.

Phase one of awakening is stilling the mind and phase two is feeling your emotions.

As one who has grown up thinking that being happy is the be all and end all goal for life, the necessity of negative emotions came as quite a shock. Actually, after I got used to the idea, it relieved a lot of stress and feeling my emotions did make room for more happiness.

It helps so much to know that the emotional ups and downs of life are normal, natural, and even necessary to our soul growth. They are not something to be shunned, ashamed of, or escaped from. They serve us best when we can tune into our bodies to see where we feel each emotion, acknowledge it, and answer it back.

Emotions of all kinds, especially those we find uncomfortable help us awaken to our Soulful Self when we can embrace them with loving kindness. How does one embrace and answer an emotion you ask?

First, learn to be sensitive to your emotions in the early stages of awakening in consciousness. It takes some practice and it is a process. We are so used to ignoring our emotional energy signals because we just don’t know what to do with them. The idea is to come to a place of accepting and feeling all our feelings, both good and bad.

What science is telling us is that when emotions are ignored, they gather more energy and become more potent until eventually they do get our attention by causing more and more pressure. They can affect all our bodily systems if they go unheard for too long. Emotional energy has been found to collect and produce symptoms of all kinds that are identified in the body as illnesses.

Louise Hay popularized self-healing using affirmations, addressing different parts of the body and the emotions that they carry. The chakra energy centers of the body are also well known to correspond to different organs. Many modalities of energy healing can help with processing our emotional blockages.

Awakening demands that we embrace all the parts of ourselves including the emotional body and all that it contains. Being able to embody and navigate life as a multidimensional being of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies is key in the evolution that is the awakening in consciousness happening to humanity now.

The emotions are very challenging. If you would like some personal coaching, contact me through email and we will set up a discovery call to decide the best course of action.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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