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Money Dreams and Self-Worth

An angelic perspective on manifestation and having it all. ~~ Angel-Oracle Message 04-11-21~~

How to have what you want—this is what is in the forefront of each person’s mind—wanting and having.

Creation starts within. The materialization of form into the reality in which you live, is created first as a thought form. It is a focus of visualization, energy frequency, and belief. It is intention and intension.

You have wondered why people who are not what you call “spiritual” are so good at creating, when you see creation as the domain of God. In other words, you think that creation is spiritual—and it is. Just not in the way that you have been thinking.

Although many have studied the Law of Attraction and it has become fairly obvious that people do not get what they deserve—they get what they THINK they deserve. Many self-centered, service to self-oriented people believe they deserve to amass the fortunes of the Earth.

Believe You Deserve the Best

It is not up to the Angels to make a judgement about what you deserve. This is your domain. What do YOU believe you deserve?

From this perspective of the angelics, you are supported in whatever you wish to create. The question is really about what you want. Your desires are split because of conflicting beliefs and motives.

Is it the egoic self that wants to prove your worthiness to receive? When you look at it this way you are coming from a place of unworthiness.

The vibration of unworthiness cannot produce the flow of coalescing energies necessary to manifest the income that you want to be of influence in the monetary structure of the time/space that you have been living in.

One thing you now need to consider is that the structures of Service to Self, the momentums of greed and corruption on planet earth are no longer supported.

You cannot expect to fit into the old pattern of financial gain. This is the time you have been waiting for and creating. It is the time that the things of spirit increase in value.

A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

What does it look like when people of Earth actually value higher frequency—that which you call “spiritual” more than the power of money? You do not know yet what that means—what that looks like in form.

It means so many different things because there are so many gifts of the spirit.

This is why it is being said that the times before you are beyond your wildest dreams. It is why so many of you are a held in limbo a little. These gifts of spirit that you yearn for are coming on line—never fear.

We are holding the space for the most miraculous future for humankind. Anchor in your worthiness to receive.

Do you need to know what it is that you are receiving? Not necessarily, only know that heaven has your back.

Stand in your faith that all is unfolding perfectly. Be present in the moment and meet each moment with curiosity and gratitude. Infuse everything that you perceive with love.

Integration and Embodiment

These are things that you have heard before but you have yet to integrate and embody what they truly mean. There is nothing wrong with that.

There is a progression and an unfolding that is taking place on a linear timeline. There is a co-creation and unification of many livestreams that are involved in the world you wish to see.

It is less about money than you think. It is more about receiving the love that you are. We say this again—it is about receiving the love that you are.

You are Support by the Divine

You are supported in your life purpose, you are supported in your dreams for a better, more loving, environment on earth.

Be mindful of the things that you love, be immersed in the things that bring you joy. Be present in each NOW moment. You have heard these sayings so much you begin to think of them as cliché buzzwords but we assure you they are not.

You wish to be blessed with all you need. Realize that you already have all you need.

You already are All-That-Is. You already are awakening to this.  Feel into that knowing of fearlessness, of happiness, and wholeness which is YOU.

This is the truth of what is real. This is the truth of who you are.

You are enough!

So it is, and so it always will be!

Your Guides and Angels

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