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Miracles, Freedom, and Timelessness

In the world of form there are many forces at work. The Earth is reforming the very structures of civilization. Many things are taking shape that are beyond your wildest dreams.

This is why it is so difficult for you to see into the future. The future is not set. Time is mutable and past/present/future are overlapping in the now of your reality. You seek stability and a vision of what is next but do not see it.

Let all this change and fear of the unknown flow through you. Anchor in your central core and use your breath and your body to ground yourself to the truth of your eternal nature.

This essence of your being is life, love, and joy.

You hear rumbles and feel things shifting under you and do not know what to make of all of it. Everything is shifting. Find your center and balance within. You can do it.

We of the angelic bands will help you. There are many helping hands that reach out to you. Receive the helping hands and link into the chain of lightworks to which you belong.

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Believe in Miracles

The days of miracles are at the doorstep. Do not give up the hope and the faith that have carried you thus far.  Faith in the universe of unseen forces that seem miraculous to you may seem far away.

From our perspective the tide has already turned, and the winning homerun has been made. We ask you to believe in the promise of miracles and look at the beauty that surrounds you now. You are safe in the now.

The wonders of the world still stand. Miracles are all around you. See the beauty.

Continue to use your intuition to perceive the fabric of love that never ends.

Everything is an opportunity. All is here to support you in your awakening in consciousness. Many are awakening to wonders that they never saw before.

These souls will take up the banners of freedom.

Let Freedom Ring

We say let freedom ring and shake off the chains of all things that are oppressive to you. The limitations of the past are falling away. Let them go.

Surrender the fight with the old ways of being. You struggle for control in the stormy sea and the we ask you to drop the sails and quit fighting. (Visualization of a sailboat in stormy seas)

The truth is that you were never in control.

We offer you peace in a time of turmoil. We offer you safe harbor for your wounds of the spirit.

There is goodness and mercy, freedom, and forgiveness for all of life’s hurts.

Love is always the answer and there is immeasurable love here for you. We will hold you up. We will be your dancing partners.

Let us dance you through this part of life that feels heavy and laden with obstacles.

We will make stepping-stones out of them together moving as ONE.

Dancing with the Angels is a pretty good gig wouldn’t you say?

Be grateful and dance with us.

In love,

The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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