Angel winged

Messages of Guidance at the Right Time

Angels are present all around us and want nothing more than to be of service to each of us. You only have to ask and listen for their answers.

Everyone receives messages from spirit, and many special messages were shared by over 300 authors in the bestselling books of the 365 series.

I was inspired to contribute a message for the latest collaborative book, 365 Messages – The Right Guidance at the Right Time, released in November 2019. It reached #1 in 9 categories on Amazon.

For this book I asked the angels this question, “What is it that they (the readers) most need to hear now?”

This was the angels’ answer:

There Is Only One Message

Remember that your life is just a picture of Source energy as it moves through you and presents as experience for translation into the physical world. Your interactions with others are the reflection of the energy.

Everything every day is a sacred practice. It can’t be any other way; it is all energetic information. Just be open and pay attention. Be loving and kind.

We know that you want your life to be meaningful. Everything is meaningful – that is the magic. It is all around you, in every breath you take. So do not concern yourself with “meaningful.”

It (the meaning of your life) is what you say it is. Take whatever meaning you want; make no judgment of it but only delight in it.

It is like the play of light on the water. See how it sparkles and moves. Feel how it delights you, that simple pattern and the shifting of the forces of nature.

Now you see the picture. All of it is the play of the light.

Be easy about the journey. There really is no race to be run, no finish line to cross. Everything just IS and is perfect—just as that water and wave and that reflection of the light. It is all as perfect as that light dancing.

We will give you this message over and over, and you will resonate it for others who will resonate it for those they touch. All of life is sounding off as the harmony and melody and all the various overtones of Oneness.

There is only one message – the message of love, of praise, and of glory to God/Source.

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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